Wednesday, January 01, 2014

All Is Quiet On New Years Day


The first post of 2014 and as the title mentions, it is all quiet here at SPL (aka my game room). In years past I have always had folks over for gaming on New Years day, but not this year since it falls in the middle of the week. So I guess I should lay out my plans for gaming and modeling this year, these are not in any particular order, so here goes.

X-Wing - So I got a pretty good haul of stuff this Christmas and Robert and I have talked about getting this game onto the table. Being old enough to remember when I saw Star Wars in the Movie theater during its first release, I always wanted to do some sort of miniature gaming with Tie Fighters and X-Wings. So now after many many moons, that will happen. In fact, Robert and I got in 4 games of it on New Years Eve and we had a blast. Sadly my record of Win/Loss was a 1 -3, but this will change as I read up on the rules and play more games.

Flames of War- Well this is one game I will be returning to in a big way. It was the most played game for me in 2013 and 2012 and I do not see that changing for 2014! In fact I am getting excited about doing another campaign with Robert and a few others. We are looking at an Operation Market Garden or Operation Overlord. So that means I will be building a few more armies for FoW. I will also be playing in Shifting Sands 2014 in a few weeks and I want to play in more local tournaments. I played in one tournament in 2012 and 2013, this year I want to play in more than one. I am also thinking of running my own FoW event in 2014, but we will see how that one goes.

Pulp Alley - I love these rules and I love anything "Pulpy". Last year I ran a group game for some friends using the LotR rules, it worked but still did not feel right. I think Pulp Alley has everything I want in a rule set. So my goal is to run not one, but at least four Pulp Alley games. So I have some painting to do as well as planning in order to get in more games of this. Nice thing is that I will be taking a demo game of Pulp Alley to Adepticon in April, so I hope to hook a bunch more folks into playing it.

Legends of the Old West - Like last year, I want to get this game back to the table. Nice thing is that I am playing in a small tournament of LotOW at Adepticon this year. I recently got about a dozen Gorgon Studios old west figures that I plan to get painted up for the event, as well as do a review of them. With doing Old West, I want to finely get more of my old west building painted so I can play said game. Last year I sold my buildings to the local game store hoping that would get me to paint up what I have, but all it did was keep it on the back burner. So I hope to be doing some old west gaming in 2014.

Bolt Action - Well I am running a Bolt Action tournament in about a month and a half, so I will be working on terrain and figures throughout 2014. I don't see any new armies in the future, just painting up what I have and playing some more games.

Empire of the Dead - Well I want to get at least two factions completed for the game so I can demo the game for folks. I only got in a few games with my buddy Dave but I am sure more folks would get interested in it if they saw it out on the table. So I plan to get out and play more of this in the local shops.

Saga - Well, I played one game of this last year, liked it, but did nothing else with it, so I want to get in at least two games of this. My WAB Viking army is wanting to get out of their storage box and I can use figures from that for Saga.

Adepticon - Well I am going back to Chicago for this awesome game event, I will be running a Bolt Action tournament, playing in the LotOW tournament, helping my buddy run a Legends of the High Seas event as well as play in a few Gladiator games using the LotR rules. I will also be playing in a the Sons of April game this year since it is using the LotHS rules.  I also plan to do my usual blog coverage of this event and I am looking forward to seeing some old friends. John & Jamie owe me a dinner!

Gathering in the Desert - Well as I mentioned, GitD is back on and this year it is Warlords Bolt Action. I want this event to stand out over the other Bolt Action events with the way it runs and looks. So I have my work cut out for me in the next month.

Black Powder - Well we are all planning on doing some Nappy games for BP and I want to get at least a brigade of French ready for the game. I also want to get my Confederate Brigade completed. Some tall orders since I have nothing painted or even assembled yet. But BP is a cool group game and I love playing it with folks.

So there you go folks, this years plan, I hope to due better than last year. My biggest goal is to stay focused on these goals and do not let myself get distracted. So it will be interesting to see just how well I do this year. Good Luck to me, because I will need it!



Dagreenskins said...

You need to create a Wild Wild West game day using the Pulp Alley rules and our cowboy models. This will check two games off you list in one shot.

Robert said...

That is a pretty aggressive list of items. You will really need to find time for your own painting projects as that is a lot to do.

Mike G. said...

Looks like a fun list of games to get to the table. Happy New Year.

Tim Eagling said...

What will you do with your other hand?

Unknown said...

While Flames of War is tops in my books too I got to say that I love X-wing as well. Talk about a top notch game. I blog about it regularly. I was bummed to miss the X Wing Team Tournament last month but am looking forward to the new expansions coming out.

Terry Silverthorn said...

WOW your all over the place just like me...not that there is anything wrong with that 8D