Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Its all the Ferrets Fault!


So I have been following a blog called Laughing Ferret for some time now and he has been posting up some coverage of the NATC: North American Team Championship of Blood Bowl in Las Vegas. Well after seeing his reports and also watching him do some amazing conversions for Blood Bowl teams, I decided that I should put up a few of my teams.
I still have the box!

Remember these oldies, yes I still have them!

Now I have been a huge fan of Blood Bowl for some time, starting with 2nd edition. We had about 10 people with teams and we ran a couple of leagues. My wife even was involved and had a team (Rainbow Warriors). But other games took our interests elsewhere and Blood Bowl faded away from the table. Up until the beginning of 2012, which I hosted a Blood Bowl day and had a few friends come over. Everybody loved it, but once again it faded away.

Well, I want to change that, I may try to rally the troops to play more Blood Bowl. Now GW is once again making it tough with the demise of Specialist Games, but where there is will, there is a way. So the first plan is to post up some of my teams to hopefully inspire folks, we will see. So here are my teams, first up the Dirty Rat Bastards, a 1st edition Skaven team. This is a pretty basic team, I do want to pick up a Rat Ogre to flesh out the team, we will see.

Dirty Rat Bastards

Next up are the Brittle Bones, a  Tomb King team that is all converted from plastic Tomb king model. I built these guys a few years ago on a whim and I loved every minute while doing it. I also loved the color scheme that I used, which was going to be the colors for my Tomb King army before I sold it. I purchased a Mummy from Westwind Miniatures to add to the team, but I pressed him into service for Pulp games, so I will need to buy another one (oh darn!)

Brittle Bones!
The Throwers! No witty names yet.
A couple of Blitzers
A few Catchers

 Next up is my Dwarf team, the Black & Bruisers! This is another 1st edition team and there are a bunch of them. This was my brothers team, although they were Green & White after the Eagles colors. Well those were looking pretty bad so these boys got a dip in the Simple Green and repainted back in 2012. I love these figures, they have a bunch of character in there faces. Also you will see one figure that is a dwarf, but a Chaos Dwarf and that's the Thrower. Since Dwarfs were not a throwing team (nor are they now) my brother wanted a dwarf thrower, well he found one and it works well with the team.

Black & Bruisers
Chaos Thrower, why not?
 Now for a time out, here is a referee for Blood Bowl. Back in 2nd edition you could have these guys on the field, so I picked one up.

Hey you, come here!
I got something for yeah!

 Next up is another classic team from the good old days, a High Elf team. Now this paint job was dictated to me from my son to look like the Denver Broncos. We still need to come up with a name for them and like High Elves, they are colorful. There are also a few other cool figures, like the Elf Blitzer (Can't remember his name) as well as the Elf Kicker. Yes you could actually have kicker models on your teams!

Bucking Broncos?? Or something else?

Blitzer whats his name!

Look everyone at my pretty nails!

Hair Band wannabes!
 Next up is another fully converted team, my son's Orcland Raiders (yeah I know, but that's what he wanted to call them). This team was put together with plastic Orc models from the Fantasy line and was another fun team to build. It has goblins (gnobblars) and even his own touchdown token. I gave this to my son for Christmas of 2011.

Orcland Raider team shot

Da Black Orc Blockers

Da Blitzers!
Da Throwers, Little gunz on the Left, Big Gunz on the right!
Were sexy and we know it!

Da Stealin Crew

Our TD marker!

 Now, that concludes the fully painted stuff, here are a few others that are in need of work. First up is my wife's old team, The Rainbow Warriors. This is another 1st edition team and my wife painted these here self 20 years ago. They are a bit dinged up and she will not let me strip them. So they sit waiting there turn to play. Notice the old color bases, that's how we used to keep track of which position the models were. No fuzzy rings here!

My Wife's Rainbow Warriors!
Now the next few pics are interesting, first up are a couple of Chaos Dwarves that my brother bought for his Dwarf team. He gave the figures to me for a season that allowed us to draft other races onto our teams. These guys were on my Dark Elf Team Drows Rage. Now they also show the hideous paint job that I had on my dark elves. The team got stripped down to bare metal, but these guys stayed around with their old uniforms still on.

Drow's Rage Chaos Dwarves!
Now here is my Dark Elf team in all there bare glory, this too is another 1st edition team and I will one day get around to painting them. but for now they wait there turn, but they will return.

My old dark elves!
 Last team I have are 16 Halfling figures. I love the face work on these guys, they have so much character. Now all I need is a cool Treeman to throw these guys around with. One day these guys will get finished up.

Were mean, were tiny, were going to kick you in your hiney!
So there you go, a little trip down Blood Bowl lane. Hopefully this will inspire some of my buddies here and I will get Blood Bowl back onto the table.



Laughing Ferret said...

Finally something my fault that is good! ;)

So many fun teams with those classic miniatures. I have these old skaven & the elves. jealous of the dark elves!

Simon Q said...

Some cool looking classic and custom teams, I must admit I have an itch to play bloodbowl but would need to find someone who plays it also :D

fireymonkeyboy said...

Those are some terrific teams, nice work. I quite like the Chaos Dwarves and Tomb Kings.

Da Green Skins said...

Very cool looking models and one great game. I will be more then happy to play BB again. I am not happy with the fact that GW is talking about closing their Specialist Games but this game will never die.

Tim Kulinski said...

@Laughing Ferret - Thanks for the inspiration man, I love seeing what your working on. Perhaps we will meet on the pitch one day!

@ Simon Q - I hear you, there are only a few people here in the valley that are still interested in BB.

@ Fireymonkeyboy - Thanks man, I wish I had the whole Chaos BB team, I only have those few.

@ Da Grren Skins - I told you I am itching to play again. Still not sold on Dreadball yet and that may be because I have not played it yet.

Tristan M said...

Great stuff, I would just suggest checking out the latest rulebook for what you can include in teams since they have likely changed (for example your tomb kings aka khemri don't really have catchers but can now take up to 4 of their version of mummies - and should!)

Scott said...

Nice looking teams Tim, certainly a trip down memory lane.
I always start thinking about playing it again, as September approaches... then when the 'fins go 0-4 I put it back on the shelf! ;-)