Sunday, June 09, 2013

Welcome back old friend!


Continuing with the trip down memory lane, I have been playing another old school GW game, but in a new form. You see one of the first games I purchased from GW was Warhammer Quest (well actually it was Space Hulk then Quest a few days later). WHQ was awesome, you got a ton of figures and counters and it was a basic dungeon crawl game.

Look at all this stuff!!

It was easy to get the game crew to jump on this one since it was very close to AD&D games we used to play. My wife enjoyed it as well as my Sister In-law and my brother. The four of us got so much play time in that we advanced our characters pretty far. This game was also my sons first experience with a miniatures game and it taught him how too read and do math.

The only down side to the game is that we could never get everybody together all that often and when we moved here to Phoenix, the games slowed. Sure I ran a few games here in the valley, but the interest faded and with no dedicated group, it got put on the shelf. My son still every once in a while wanted to bust out the game, but once again the interest was not really there.

Then the other day I found an old friend but in a new format. Rodeo Games released WHQ in an app for I-Pads and I-Phones. So since my wife has an I-Pad, I downloaded the game for $4.99 and at that price I thought what the heck. So after taking about 20 minutes to download, I was back in the world of Warhammer Quest.

Screen shot of the game!

So what do I think, well I have put in over 5 hours with this game, I would say that I love it! It has most of the rules from the game and Rodeo has done a fantastic job or re-creating the game. There are a few other upgrades you can purchase, but I have found that the basic very satisfying. I am sure I will purchase the other upgrades (extra money or special characters) but that will not happen until I get through it.

So if your looking for a cool little game for your I-Pad and your an old fart like me that played classic GW games, than this app is for you. Now I wonder when they will come out with an app for Space Hulk or Blood Bowl? I can only hope it will be soon!



Drunken Samurai said...

You forgot to put a title on the post.

So when are we going to play Descent again? We played once?

Tim Kulinski said...

Opps, funny usually Blogger gives you a warning about that.

Well, you tell me, I know your wife would want to play, mine as well. So when do you want to play????

Jerry said...

I've be playing the heck out of this game since it came out. It's awesome!

Tim Kulinski said...

Jerry, now I know why you like solo games! This game is addicting!!

Simon Q said...

I've seen a couple of my online friends mentioned this new game for there ipads etc lots of fun to be had :D