Thursday, May 30, 2013

Black Powder ACW game

Last Sunday, 5/26/2013, a bunch of us got together to throw down an epic game of Black Powder American Civil War at Crusaders Retreat. The players were Robert B, Mike W and myself taking control of the Confederates while Tom O, Tom F, Dave C and Al R took the Union. The battle Field was a massive 12'x6' table that Robert, Tom and myself provide terrain for. Also quite impressive was the number of figures seen on the table, about 800, all painted (which is something sadly not seen very often in game stores now).

Robert has done a full report on the game found here so I will not re-tell the sad story of how the Confederates lost. The only thing I will say is that my Brigade Commander is very good at sitting by the river in the shade sipping on Sweet Tea! Commanding a brigade is tough work, but not for me apparently! So here are the pictures I took during the game.

The Table with Mike looking on in awe!

Here is the Camp that Saguaro painting Service did for Tom O

Here is the Perry Church built and painted by SPS

on the left, two Arnica buildings, while on the right Perry buildings

Perry Home

Arnica buildings in the back with a Perry Store in front

Confederates take the Camp
Confederates move the cannon into position on the road

Confederates prepare to get their feet wet

The Tigers go on the move

The only time Dave's Cannon would be on the table

Union forces are everywhere!

Light Blue is such a pretty color for fighting in!

A view to kill atop the hill

Union Leadership

The Tigers prepare to cross at the ford

The Union made it to the camp first

Some of the Union Generals

Who said 4 Brigades to 3 was fair?

My Brigade sitting in the shade down by the river!

No, the water is too cold, we will stay on this side!

Over the fence and through the river

The town is now under Union control

The union line on the left flank

Union vs Confederates prepare to charge!

Union soldiers hiding behind a picket fence

Wait a minute, what happened to the left flank?

There is too many sir!

Shoot them!

General Brightwell of the South!

The Union side
They are everywhere!
Overall the game was a blast and we will be doing this again, thanks to Dav at Crusaders Retreat and for all the Generals!



Drunken Samurai said...

Some great pictures!

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks man!

Scott said...

Inspirational looking pics Tim, well done you guys!

jmilesr said...

Great looking game

I need to get my Perry Church built!

Tom O said...

Good pictures time don't use your "cheatin' dice" and you may be able to move...

A J said...

A very impressive set-up! Color me envious. ;)