Friday, July 15, 2011

Better Late than Never!

So my last update was back on June 24th and I only had a few days to get my next installment of 175 points four our little competition. Well as luck would have it, Life got in the way and I missed getting my troops painted by 7/1 by only one figure.

You see the one model happened to be the Cave Troll, for some reason I hate painting cave trolls. No other model in the LotR range gives me more issues other than the Cave Troll. I don't know what it is, it is not a hard paint scheme, I just have built up this weird mental painters block for the Cave troll.

Anyway, on to my 175 points, first up are the 10 Goblin archers. I needed some long range fire support and these little guys are it.

After that comes the Shaman, although as I admitted in the last post, this model was already painted. In fact this little guy was part of my Dwellers Below list that one best painted in the Mayhem in the Mountains in 2010. but since I have only one Shaman, I was not going to strip him and re-paint him for our little challenge.

Last but not least is the one model that held me up, yep it is the Cave Troll! I went with the Spear armed model just because I liked how it looked and I hope to stick some Elves ad Dwarves with it!

So here is the whole army all 32models (346 points) all together. So far the army is looking pretty good on the table and these little guys have been waiting forever to get painted!

Now just to clarify, since the Cave Troll gave me so much issues, I also decided to paint my last Cave Troll along with this one. Now here is a shot of all three of my Cave Trolls. The model on the right was painted about 5 years ago, the center one is this months and the one on the left was an added bonus so I would not have to paint him later on. Now all my Cave Trolls are painted!

So what next you ask? Well first up are 36 points of Goblins with Shields. This will add a few more goblins to the army and these are the last of the few I used converted shields on.

Next up is a Goblin Drum for 100 points! What you say? Why is he taking this you ask? Well part of the reason why I choose Goblins for this little challenge was to get the army painted. I bought the Goblin Drum some time ago and heck, I just thought it looked cool, so there you go!

So I am up to 136 points spent out of 178 (3 points left from last month) so I purchased a Goblin Captain with shield for 40 points.

So for this month that gives us this break down as follows

Rob has 30 points
Mike has 25 points
I have 16 points
Jerry has 15 points

So stay tuned for more action...



Jerry said...

Quite a scary group you've got there, Tim! A mob of goblins backed up with a cave troll is going to be tough.

Drunken Samurai said...

Looking good! Nice to see you back in the challenge. Now we need to get in some games.