Monday, July 18, 2011

A Return To LotHS of Sorts.


As some know my son is home from college and is working at our church on the weekends. Well this gives him time all during the week to lounge around and usually means he is bored. This has been the same thing for the last few years while he has been home, but this year it is different.

You see this year he has wanted to play some miniature games (Yes!) and the first game he wanted to play was his fathers game, Legends of the High Seas! So first thing I told him was that he had to pick a Captain figure from all my Pirates and start creating a Crew. Well that was not good enough for him and he wanted to paint his own miniatures! (Yes Score Again!)

So I said go for it and he started looking at my unpainted miniatures. So along with my son wanting to play, another Friend of mine & my son wanted to play as well and he is not a minis gamer. So a few weeks ago my buddy was over and along with my Son I did a mini painting clinic. I showed them how to dry brush, use washes, block paint and how to "Dip paint" figures.

Well here is my son's first miniature that he painted in well over 10 years, it is a Black Scorpion Rogue figure. He did an awesome job and this is an awesome figure. By the way he is playing a Privateer Crew.

His second paint job is his First Mate which is another Black Scorpion figure. My only comment for him was his color selection. In my opinion he used to colors (Blue and Green) which are to similar and the figure just looks washed out and has no "Pop".

His Third Figure is a Foundry Swashbuckler which he is using as his Proctor for his Crew. Once again he did a great job.

Now the rest of the pictures are the figures primed than dry brushed with an off white color. Here are two Mercenaries with Flintlocks that are from Black Scorpion.

Here is another Cutthroat from Black Scorpion.

The next batch of figures are from Privateer Press and are the Press Gangers. Now my son wanted me to convert the figures to add swords to them (They have belaying pins on the stock models). So he had some help from his old dad for these.

So there you go, my sons LotHS Crew and a post about LotHS. As he finishes up the Crew I will post more shots.



abdul666 said...

Lucky you are to have a disciple and partner in gaming at home!
Looking forward to discover the whole 'junior' crew in its painted glory.

Btw, if I may... for the newcomer to your blog, some partially but *no totally* redundant labels (e.g. Legends of the High Seas, LotHS) are... bewildering. Labels can be edited under the 'edit posts' utility...


Anonymous said...

We have been wrapping up a LOHS campaign in our group. Its been a blast, with lots of ups and downs. I was well in the lead when nearly my entire crew was killed, costing me some very experienced crew members. Trying to make a comeback happen has been an extreme experience! Fun game.