Friday, June 24, 2011

June LotR Update


Where has June gone?? It seems that I am the last one again to try to get my next installment up for our little contest. Well I thought I could sneak in some painted stuff already done, but I have been warned that I will be ridiculed beyond belief. So I dove into my LotR box for my additions.

So first up is 50 points of archers, that means 10 goblin bowmen & Yes Jerry, I will be able to Volley fire on your precious elves! So here are the boys in bare metal.

Next up I needed a heavy hitter, so time to bust out a Cave Troll, yes, he has a cave troll! I have two models one with hammer and this one with spear, so I choose the spear armed model and that means he is 81 points.

Now one more addition was to add a Shaman to the force, but they only problem is he was already painted. So this is the only painted model that will be introduced into the army. I did add more highlights to the figure so I did put some paint on him.

So here is the motley crew in all of their glory, now to get them painted before the end of the month.


Da Green Skins said...

I must be color blind. All I am seeing is black, silver and gray. I can't believe you were going to sneak models in that have already been painted. What happened to banking the points and doing the dragon?

Tim Kulinski said...


I posted this picture to show some folks (you) that I am not cheating! I still have a few days left and I plan to have these guys ready by July 1st.

As for the Dragon, I still can bank the points, but heck, none of you have any heavy hitters now, so I think the troll will work out for now.