Sunday, June 12, 2011

Results for April of ToFLOTR Gamers

As some may have read here and on a few other Blogs, we are running a Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers.Well June first was the first deadline for the four of us to get our first batch of 175 point models done.

Just to recap, if you got your models completed by June 1st, you got 5 points. If they were submitted after the June 1st deadline then you got 3 points and if you did not paint anything, you got 0 points.

So how did we do?

Well I got 5 points for my Goblin Mob

Rob got 5 points for his dwarf's.

Mike got 5 points for his Uruk-hai

And Jerry also got 5 points for his elf's.

Now we also got in at least one game this month (some of us more) and we would be adding the points from painting to the points won during games. Now for each game there would be a set number of points handed out and I used the scoring method from Gathering in the Desert and was broken down as follows:

Major Win 20 points
Minor Win 15 points
Draw 10 points
Minor Loss 7 points
Major Loss 5 points.

So last week Rob's Dwarf's faced off against Jerry's Elf's in a High Ground game. Rob and his Dwarf's walked away with a Major win while Jerry got the Major Loss. Tonight Mike and I got in a game (due to Mike having life issues last week) and we played Seize the Prize, well the Uruk-hai beat the Goblins and Mike got a Minor victory while I took a Minor Loss.

So here is how the Battle points shook out:

Rob's Dwarf's 20 points
Mike Uruk-hai 15 points
Tim's Goblins 7 points
Jerry's Elf's 5 points

So for April this is how it stands:

Rob has 25 points
Mike has 20 points
Tim has 13 points
Jerry has 10 points

So there you go, that is the first month totals. We are going to try to get everyone together before next weekend to play a doubles game with the two good players (Jerry & Rob) vs the two Evil players (Myself & Mike) to throw in some bonus points. So stay tuned for that and the next few updates to our armies.


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