Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Why's the Rum Gone?"


tonight while talking to Drunkensamurai, he mentions if I saw the Quindia Studios blog? I have been following Clarence's work for some time on his website but had not seen his blog update today. He featured a Spanish village that he was working on for a Nappy game he is taking to Historicon this year. This sparked an interest for me to do something similar.

As some folks know, I am the author of Legends of the High Seas by Warhammer Historicals. Some folks also know I am an avid Disneyland fan and love the theme parks (having worked at Disneyland for over ten years in attractions). So when I wrote LotHS, some inspiration came from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Anaheim as well as the PotC movies.

Now for the longest time I wanted to build a Spanish town inspired by the PotC attraction ride and I have been gathering pictures for a while now. But I have always put off the project due to other projects (and life) getting in the way. But thanks to Quindia Studios, I think I am going to move forward with this project.

For those of you who have not been to Disneyland (or any other of the Disney theme Parks) here are a few photos that I am using for inspiration. All the photos by the way came from Daveland. Dave is a freelance artist and another avid Disney fan.

Here is a shot of the 1965 model of PotC

This is of the auction scene as seen when the attraction opened to the public.

Here is another model shot.

The next few pictures are from the ride in Disneyland, you will notice the overly bright paint on the walls. With the theme lighting on it is toned way down, but with a flash you see just how bright everything is painted.

My plan is to build a table that has this "Disney PotC" feel to it. I am going to build most of the buildings like Quindia Studios did for his Spanish village. My goal is to have enough buildings to cover a 4'x4' table top for games of Legends of the High Seas. I also plan to transport this board to Adepticon in 2011 where I am going to be running with John at Plastic Legions a LotHS campaign.

So stay tuned to seeing more of the Spanish town I am planning on building...



Tony said...

Some great images and memories of the times I had taken the kids to Disneyland.


cianty said...

Awesome, Tim! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I've been considering some Spanish architecture myself recently. I look forward to your creations as inspiration!

Oh, did you get my email about tgn, by the way?

Tim Kulinski said...

@ Tony, yeah I love the place, was just there last week for my son's 21st Birthday, had a blast and PotC was one of the first few rides to hit.

@ Cianty, Yeah got it and sent an e-mail to Zac at TGN, thanks for the heads up.

Tim Eagling said...

Can't wit to see this outcome. Funnily enough I was watching POTC AWE this pm and got a hankering for pirates again! I'll put it on my gaming list:0)