Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kill Teams!

So today DrunkenSamurai, my son and I did some 40K playing the Kill Teams out of the new Battle Missions book. I was also inspired by Johns Blog review of it, so Drunken and I decided today would be a good day for a few games.

First game up was my Sisters of Battle against Drunkens Orcs. He took about 11 Ard Boys and 4 Lootas. I had 16Sisters with one equipped with a Melta Gun and one with a Heavy Flamer. We set up a 4'x4' board with a Imperial supply depot on it. Here are a few shots from the game.

Here is a overall shot of the board, with the Sisters ready to take control of the Depot with the O'rcs in the trees.

The Orcs advance and the Sisters take up guarding positions in the Depot.

The Orc's make a break for the Depot unaware of the danger within.

But the Sister's are ready for the advancing Orc's.

A second squad sweeps around a flank to clear it of foul Orc's.

While some of the Orc's creep closer trying to ambush the Sisters.

Orc's jump out to make their attack.

But the Sisters make short work of the foul green skins and clear the depot.

I was able to break Drunken's Orc's pretty quickly with bolter fire. Thanks to the lack of shooting ability of the Orc's I only lost three Sisters out of 16. Overall it was a good game and the Kill team mission played very well.

So after a quick lunch at Filabertos, Drunken decide to play against my Son using Imperial Guard. My Son took a ten man squad of Veterans with a Grenade Launcher, Heavy Flamer and a Melta Gun. He also took a 10 man Penal Legion squad that were gunslingers. We decided that the guardsmen were taking over the watch from the Sisters.

Needless to say the Orc's made quick work of the poor Imperial Guardsmen sent to guard the Depot. My son had a blast and so did Drunkensamurai.

So we got in two games of Kill Teams and they were both a blast. While playing I could see how this one mission could be a great way to get folks into new armies since it only takes a few figures to play. I can tell you that this will be hitting the table again.

By the way I was going to e-mail these pictures to Drunkensamurai to post over on his blog. But my e-mail service was acting up, so I decided to post them here, sorry Rob, but at least we have a new post here.



John Lambshead said...

Ha, another convert to the Dark Side.

(wanders off dribbling, stage left)

Muskie said...

I haven't gotten to try it, but it seems more my style than the 'Ard Boyz, win at all costs thing that is going around down your way.

lumiya said...

Hey, just wondering, how did you make those great looking shipping containers? Would love to whip some of those up myself

Drunken Samurai said...

The containers are from AT-43. One of the best thinks about that game.