Friday, June 04, 2010

Flames of War Tourney - Shifting Sands 2010

Well a few weeks ago Drunkensamurai & I went out to Gamers Inn for the Flames of War Shifting Sands 2010 tournament. Neither one of us we entered to play, we just wanted to go and check out the local FoW scene. This was the first year that the Shifting Sands event was held in a store and in my opinion it was a bit of a let down from years past.

Now I am not saying the event was a let down, it was the venue. In years past the event was in a large meeting room in a city building. The venue was large and there was plenty of space to move all around the tables. This year with it being at Gamers Inn, you only had access to three sides of the tables and there was not a lot of space to walk around.

Most of the terrain was nice looking as well as most of the armies. Mark who runs this event does a good job of coming up with interesting events that are based on certain campaigns during WW2, this year it was the Allied push into Italy.
I am hoping that one year Mark will run a Desert War event which would get me out to play, since my interest is North Africa. So here are a few more shots from the event.

Here are the results from this years event:
Anzio PlayersAllies:
Jake DeMenna 24 Best Allied Anzio
David Kurnik 23
Art Mehler 22
Aaron Hanten 21
Andrew Haught 20
Matt Campbell 19
Jake Halter 18
Mike Mclane 15
Bryan Wade 9
AxisBrendan Tobin 22Best Axis Anzio
Jesse Archbold 19
Tim Dvorak 17
Mark Riney 16
Kevin Neeley 15
Tom Tobin 12
Hugo Montes 12
Jeff Plaine 11
Chris $%^
Cassino PlayersAllies
Mike McMann 18 Best Allied Cassino
Steve Schortgen 16
Nick De Pippo 15
Mitch Balicki 14 Tied for Best Sport
John Harrison 14 Tied for Best Sport
Mark Francis 14
Matt Overstreet 13
Marco Quesada 10
Jon Cleaves 27 Best Overall/Best Axis Cassino/Best Painted
Justin Gibbs 23
Ken O'Keefe 22
Cliff Gleason 21
Tim Parker 18
Bill Bushong 18
James Studer 17
John Curran 11


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Anonymous said...

This is Mark, i didn't actually run this one, just helped organize. The venue was a change since we lost the use of the public building due to city cutbacks. Good news is that next Spring we will be doing a Desert doubles event. It will be based around Gazala and include raiding. Hope you can make that.