Thursday, April 01, 2010

An Apology


It came to my attention that my last blog post on the LotR Championships came across as a bit harsh. That was not my intention, Jamie Welling runs an outstanding event and he does an awesome job keeping the Lord of the Rings Community together in the Chicago area.

My personal bias on terrain is well known (I love lots of terrain!) and Jamie had tons of it at his event. Not as much as I like, but defiantly more than most GW run LotR events I have seen run.

Also Jamie does an outstanding job of coming up with great scenarios, which if most folks know, are tough to write. He had a few items that I was not hip on but my comments were to try to make them better. In hindsight, I should have let Jamie know personally rather than on my blog.

So I apologize to Jamie, I am not perfect and I am sorry if my comments came of putting your event in a bad light, that was not my purpose, I value our friendship.


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