Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adepticon Sunday - WAB Doubles Event

On Sunday, I ran the WAB Team Event which comprises two teammates each bringing 1000 points to the table to play against two other players. This event is more about having fun and pushing metal & plastic models around. We had 12 teams signed up (24 players) and this is up from last year. The main purpose like I said is to have a good time and play against some old friends. Everyone loves this event and guys look forward to it each year. So here are a few shots from the event.

Here are the winners from this years event:

Best Team Generals

Irving Mindel and Jeff Baxendale

Best Sportsmen

Tony Strahota and Abe Warpinski

Best Appearance

Bennett Blalock-Doane and Eric Hagen (Not pictured)

Now the last award goes to the worst team with the lowest standings. These guys are also two good friends of mine that I was able to talk into playing this year.

I'm in Charge, I thought You were in Charge??
Jeremy Williams and Jay Ryan

Once again thanks for everyone coming out to play in this event. I plan on running this one again next year so I look forward to seeing you all there.


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