Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you paint it, they will come...


Gathering in the Desert 2010 is only a few months away (Feb 20th & 21st, 2010) so I figured I needed to get started on all the terrain. So I started with a Realm of Battle board from GW, for those that don't know, these are hard grey plastic terrain boards. I have two of these and one set is being painted by Rob, while I paint the other.

So the first thing was to decide on a paint color and since Rob is also painting a set I wanted them to both match. We decided on these colors, Krylon Ultra Flat Brown ($4.44 Walmart) from their camouflage line, Apple Barrel Nutmeg Brown ($2.78 from Walmart) and Americana Honey Brown ($.79 from Michaels). Nice thing about the Krylon paint is that it's a fusion based paint, so it stick really really well to plastic, this would be the base coat. Another thing is that it gives you great coverage and I was able to spray all the 2'x2' boards with one can.

So last Saturday I sprayed all the boards and let them set for about an hour. Once set, I dry brushed on the Nutmeg brown on all of the boards. By the time I was finished with the last board I went back & dry brushed on the Honey Brown. I also painted the slate pavers on one board Slate Grey from Americana followed by a Black Wash as seen below.

One thing I did not get pictures of was the filling in of the Skull pits molded on the boards. Since I was using these for LotR, I opted not to have them since they felt out of place. I cut a few pieces of PVC plastic and glued them down and back filled the rest with Liqutex Stucco filler. Once I add static grass you will not even see these, but here are two shots of them below.

So the last thing is to add static grass to the boards and they will be ready for action. I would say they are about 85% done now.

Another project that I started this week was a Ruined Hirst Arts kit from Castle Kits, that Ian Martin sent us last year. I have been wanting to tackle this last year but ran out of time before the event, so I decided I needed this for the Weathertop board for the event. Here is a shot of some of the pre-cast bricks as well as a piece of Masonite that I cut & bevelled to mount the kit on.
I have to say that these pre-cast blocks are cool! They go together pretty quick and they are addictive to assemble. I built the whole kit in one night & took it out to prime it black without taking pictures of it! (Man, whats up with that??) So below are a few shots one it got primed and mounted to the Masonite, I started to texture the base with Liqutex Stucco and some rubble and started the base painting.

Now the inner wall, upper deck and the outer wall still need to be glued down and are only in there for the pictures.

This model will be attending GitD 2010 and will look awesome on the table once complete. So there you have it, some things I have been working on (While still looking for a real job).

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cianty said...

Looks really good so far! Keep it up!