Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gathering in the Desert Primer October 25, 2009

So the Primer has come and gone and everyone who attended had a great time, so here are a few pictures from the event. I would like to thank Darren from Imperial Outpost for the prizes and allowing us to play there. Unfortunately we only had six folks show up, four folks had other commitments and were unable to attend.

Tom O brought out what he called Osgilith Lite for the event as seen below, for anyone who was at GitD last year, that board will be coming back with a bit less terrain. This board was the opposite, it was pretty lite.

Round two shots, you will notice that Howard B & Jerry A are pictured now. Howard got a call from work and had to rush to work, but made it back by Round two. Jerry on the other hand had over slept and only got up once I called him at home, but he made it down by round two.

Here is a shot of Howard's new elves he is working on, he has gone with an autumn color scheme. So look for these at GitD in 2010.

I love this shot and how it came out, it has Mike G's Dwarf's fighting Jerry A Minas Tirith in a heavily wooded area. This shot too me says Lord of the Rings, call me weird but I like this shot out of all that I posted. Sometimes you get lucky with taking pictures!

So here are the final results and the breakdown of points:
Name - Overall - Total Battle - Sports - Appearance
Mike Gingold - 122.75 - 50 - 32.75 - 40
Tom Opalka 106.75 - 35 - 32.75 - 39
Howard Beam 98.50 - 35 - 21.50 - 42
Jerry Auteri 80.50 - 20 - 21.50 - 39
Rob Ehlers 78.50 - 35 - 31.50 - 12
Andree Cauley 52.50 - 20 - 32.50 - 0
So there you go, look forward to seeing you all in February for Gathering in the Desert 2010


thereandblogagain said...

Everything looks good Tim. Sorry to hear you had a small turn-out. We were suffering a bit of that ourselves in the Chicagoland area.

I love the picture of the Dwarves v. Gondor - even if it is sooo wrong. Wish there could have been some filthy goblins across from the dwarves.

How did the RoB tables hold up? What about the Weathertop Ruin. Did people like playing on it or was it "too much". We've had some complaints in the past when terrain pieces got to be too big.


Tim Kulinski said...

The RoB table held up fine, in fact everyone loved it. Most folks are flocking the whole table so when some people saw mine they were blown away by it.

People also liked the Weathertop ruin, they felt that it was perfect for the table and they knew what it was right off the bat. Plus the folks out here love having more terrain & I have never heard anyone complain about it.