Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WAB at Adepticon 2009

Well I finally got the WAB pictures up, now certain people (Hank Edley!) can stop bugging me about it! The first set of pictures are from the Singles event on Saturday. Oh and as a Special request (from Hank) here is a shot of Mike Hortons Celts.
Best General went to Eric Hagen, Best Painted went to Bennett Blalock Doane (Which I did not get photos of!), Best Sportsmen went to Merle Delinger & Time to Start a New Army went to Chris Southard.

Well here is a shot of just how well my dice rolling was going all weekend long. This dice actually landed like this with the one facing me, Mike Bates & I both took pictures of it!

The next shots were taken on Sunday for the Doubles event which Michael Cosentino & Don Perrin won Best Team. Best painted went to Dave Pauwels & Jamie Welling, Best Sportsmen went to Frank Brown, Sean Ramieres & Brent Sinclair (Brent had to leave Saturday night due to a basement flooding) And the I'm in Charge, no I am in charge went to Jay Luehring & Chris Southard.

All in all everyone had a blast and the WAB events and players are growing. Look forward to seeing more folks next year.


Hank Edley said...

Nice job guys ..

John B said...

Really, really cool. Next year, I'm going.

ZeroTwentythree said...

Nice pics, looks like a good time.

I'm hoping to be one of those who makes the even expand next year. (And hopefully drag along a team mate for the doubles, too!)

Andrew said...

Great pictures! I like the winter terrain—very refreshing.