Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things that go bump in the Night


I have still been working on terrain for the GitD GT in February but this past Friday needed a break & Rob came over to play a few games. Well we played a 600 point game of LotR with me using the Army of the High King against Robs Angmar list. Since my figures were only primed, I did not take pictures (Yes I know primer is paint Mike!) I will be doing a few articles on painting this army for Adepticon in the next few weeks. Anyway the game was a draw because we used the wrong stat line for Strength 3 against Defense 5 guys thinking we needed a 6 to wound (Need a 5 to wound) and I ended up winning since Robs orcs couldn't kill my guys, and I got him to break point. So the lesson was to always look at the chart!

Anyhow, after our game we tried out an idea that Rob has been wanting to do, Zombies! So we put together a few lucky survivors and a ton of Zombies. The mission, for the survivors to make it off the board on foot. The game was a mix of rules from LotR & 40K. We used the LotR turn sequence with the 40K shooting & combat rules. The game worked well & it will be something we look at in the future. Here are some shots from the game (everything was painted).

The survivors bust out the back door.
As well as the front door to see the walking dead bearing down on them. Too bad the Hummer is out of gas & ammo!
The Zombies spot their first victim, Rocket boy!
Tech & Jones make their way around to the front of the house, after someone locked the back door as they left,
And barely make it to the front of the house!
Meanwhile the Sarg & shooter take aim at the approaching Zombies,
But all the shooting just brings more zombies, which shooter tries to fight off,
But more zombies are drawn to the fighting!
But while shooter fights off the zombies, Tech heads for a hill to get a better firing position

Meanwhile Jones trys to link up with Shooter but gets in a tangle with a few of the walking dead.
As more zombies stream around the other side of the house, carrying the remains of Rocket boy who was torn to bits.
Shooter takes aim at the approaching hoard!
And Tech is left alone to fight off the zombies from his elevated position.
Jones finally links up with Shooter and they fight side by side wondering where the Sarg is.
The Sarg decides that he needs to find some reinforcements & to warn the rest of the world!
All in all it was a great little game and worked very well, we will be looking at doing a few more Zombie games and talked about some cool ideas for Fast Zombies as well as other scary creatures.


slobberblood said...

Very cool battle report!

Pacific said...

Excellent stuff, very entertaining :)