Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More from the Primer

Well a friend over on Adeptus Windy City on the LotR Forum wanted to see a few more pictures of my Dol Guldur army, so here you go Brent...
Here is my Orc Captain with shield

Here is a converted Orc that I was using for my Captain, he is made out of a 2 handed Orc from the plastic orcs, just changed up his arms & added an old school GW shield.

Here is another angle.

Here is the other Hero, the Spider Queen, which has had the legs repositioned from the original model.

And here are the spiders, notice that I repositioned their legs. I always thought that the stock position of the legs made the spiders look like they got stepped on.

Here is a general shot of the orcs in the army, you may notice that some of them have been converted as well. Nothing special, just minor things like Head swaps & arm swaps.
Here is a converted spear orc turned into a hand weapon & shield combination.
Here is another converted spear orc with a weapon swap (orc on right) which removed his hammer and replaced with a sword. Here are the two handed orcs with a hand weapon orc. The two handed (on the right)had the spike replaced with an axe head. I can't stand stock figures so I try to do some conversion work so I do not have doubles of things. It must be an OCD thing!
Next two shots are just plain orcs
I like this one for the face I put on the shield.

And this was when I lost the first game, the Spider Queen is 1" from the 12" zone to win. I got greedy going after these two bowmen that shot at me all game. They died a horrible death though!
Here is a few other shots from Howard Beam's new army that he is painting up for the GT in February. He loves elves and they are going to be painted in Reds & Oranges. They look nice & Howard won the Best painted category at the Last GT. He is painting this since his old Rivendall elves are not eligible to win again. And yes all his stuff looks this good!


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