Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What army to bring???

Wow, first off two post in one day, what the heck is that all about!

Well I decided to write & note my progress on my 350 LotR army that I will be taking to the November 1st primer tournament at Talons. So I currently have two armies painted and ready to go. Mordor Orcs as well as 500 points of Easterlings. I have played these to armies pretty much for the last two years & I wanted to do something else. I own a Moria Goblin army, a large uruk - hai army, a large Rohon army, a Gondor Army, a Dwarf Army as well as High Elves and a few other things but they are all not painted. So I need to decide what I really wanted to do, also knowing that I need to do a good army of some sort.

So after thinking about it, I have decided to do a Dwarf army for this event. Why did I choose Dwarfs? Well it goes back about 20+ years ago when I fell in love with the old Marauder Dwarfs (which GW bought if I remember correctly). I had walked into a local store in CA and was looking at doing a Dwarf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, well the store owner talked me out of it saying it would cost a fortune to build a dwarf army, and that I should play Battletech or something. So the dwarfs got left behind for some Mechs.

Flash forward about 10 years ago and I was playing Warhammer Fantasy battle and had 4 armies (Empire, Undead, High Elves, Orc & Goblins) most all painted, but there was still no dwarfs. I toyed with building the stunties, but never pulled the trigger on them.

Flash forward again and I started playing LotR which I started collecting armies for starting with Orcs. Well I finally decided to start building a dwarf army and after painting in trade with Mike, I acquired a good amount of Dwarfs.

So that brings us up to the present, and I decided that I need to do a dwarf army. The sad thing is I think there are about 2 other Dwarf armies being worked on now, so mine will not be original, but that's why I noted everything above.

So what will the army look like, well I went out a few months ago to another Forum group I frequent (Adeptus Windy City and asked for folks to build me a 350 point list, here is what I got:

List 1
Dwarf bow x10
Dwarf 2h x10
Dwarf Shield x10
Models 31
Might 3 Bows 10 (volley baby at 350)

List 2
1 Dwarf Captain with shield & throwing axes
10 Dwarf Rangers with two handed axes
11 Dwarf Rangers with throwing axes
10 Dwarf Rangers with dwarf longbow
Points = 350
Might = 2
Models = 32
Notes: Ten 3+ to hit, range 24" archers Eleven 3+ to hit throwing weapons and one 4+ to hit throwing weapon.

List 3
Dwarf captain - shield
Dwarf bow x10
Dwarf shield x13
Khazad guard x7 Models 31
Might 2
Bows 10 D7+ 21 S4 8.

List 4
Dwarf captain - shield (or throwing axe whathaveyou).
Ranger - bow x10
Ranger - 2h x5
Ranger - throwing axe x15
Might 2
Models 31 Bows 10 Thrown 15(16)

List 5
1 Dwarf Captain with shield
15 Dwarf Warriors with shield
10 Dwarven Iron Guard
Models = 26

So after looking at the lists I needed to decided what I had in my model collection. I can do list 1, 3 & 5 with no problem, but I would need to go out & buy another box of dwarf rangers to do the list 2 & 4. Now I will be doing a Erbor list which is the dwarfs from the Lonely Mountain from the Hobbit. So in my mind I would probably use list 1, 3 or 5. So after thinking about it I choose list 1, with Gimli in it. Why? Well I really like the Gimli model that I have (which is the one with his cloak blowing in the wind). And I could see Gimli taking charge of a few valiant dwarfs to fight the forces of evil and the model looks cool!

So tonight I will assemble the force and get them all ready to go for their destiny with the paint table. I plan on updating my progress as I go with a follow up report from the November 1st event.



Mike G. said...

I would paint pulp instead :)

Tim Kulinski said...

Did you notice in the last post the pictures of the army on the table, there were pulp on the paint table as well.