Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day One


Three posts in one day, What the heck! Well I feel inspired to do some blogging! Okay so here is a group shot of the 350 points assembled and ready to go.
Here are the 10 Dwarfs with Sheild & hand weapons.
Here are 10 Dwarf Bowmen.
Here are the 10 Dwarfs with Two Handed Weapons.
Here is their Fearless Leader, Gimli.
To keep the Dwarven force from moving around while they travel, I used Litkos Peel & stick pre cut 25mm magnets. You get 100 for about $11.00, which is alot cheaper than Gailforce 9 25mm bases, I highly recommend these for anyone using 25mm rounds.
So after getting the dwarves assembled and magnetized, they headed out to the garage to be primed black using Rust Oleums Painters Touch Flat Black. It goes on smooth & dries quickly and can be purchased from Ace Hardware or Home Depot. Its about $5.99 a can which is alot cheaper than some of the other Game companies primers.
Also I have been busy working on some GW trees for my Fangorn/Mirkwood table I am building for the Indie GT in Febuary. Here is one completed tree.
Also this past weekend I painted up 4 Artizan & 1 Pulp Minature British 8th army figures for a Pulp test game using the Legends of the Old West/High Seas rules. The game played very well and we will be exploring using these rules.

I also finished up one building from Crescent Root . I have 6 of these buildings and I purchased them all unpainted, here is what they look like when they are done.

The last picture is of my secruity system(called Gabby) for my minis, its the latest thing and is pretty easy to install. When I took this picture, we had a good thunderstorm around the house & Gabby decided she needed to be up high where she felt safe.

So there you go, a lot or the first day, the next day I will get to do anything will be on Friday, might be getting in a game with a friend to see how the force does.


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Mike G. said...

Tree looks nice.