Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Something New (For a change!)


I thought I would be better with updates, but it seems that life goes by so fast. Well regardless I have decided that I will update this site more often, but we will see.

So as some folks know, I love the Lord of the Rings Strategy battle game by Games workshop. Besides myself, we are starting to grow the LotR community here in Phoenix and this past July we hosted the 1st ever Independent Grand Tournament which was a huge hit. So Dean (the other guy who helped organize the event) & I are planning on this being a annual event, so here is the info on the next one:

“Gathering in the Desert 2009″ A LotR Indy GT
The forces of good and evil are gathering in the desert once more, and you have been called to serve and fight. Will you answer the call? Come fight for the forces of good or the forces of evil in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix AZ for the second annual The Lord of the Rings Independent Grand Tournament February 21st & 22nd 2009. Enjoy 5 exciting games over 2 days testing your strengths against some of the best players in the country.

To keep your sustenance up during the event the organizers will be catering lunch on both days. Also all entrants that pre register for the event will receive a commemorative Tee shirt designed specifically for this annual event.

New for 2009 will be the “Red Dragon” painting competition, with the following categories: Single Miniature (25mm base), Large Miniature (40mm or larger base) and Battle Scene (diorama) as well as a terrain building competition. You do not need to be playing in the GT to enter the “Red Dragons”, everyone is welcome.

So if your are strong enough to brave the elements, a skillful tactician and have a heart for competition, than you will not want to miss the second annual “Gathering in the Desert” an Independent Grand Tournament for The Lord of the Rings in Phoenix Arizona.

Date: February 21st & 22nd 2009
Location: TBD
Phone number: TBD
Fee: $40.00 (pre registration includes free t-shirt)
Number of Entrants:40
Games: 5 Games / 2 Days
Points: 600

So anyways, to get ready for this event Dean is hosting a small primer event at Talons Games on November 1st, here is the info for this event:

LotR 350PT Tournament @ Talon’s Hideout 11/1/2008
Lord of the Rings 350 Point Tournament
Date: Saturday November 1st, 2008
Location: Talons’s Hideout
Start Time: 10:00 AM (11:00 AM first game)
Points: 350
Number of Rounds: 3 (90 minutes each)
Painted Armies: Unpainted armies will be allowed but will score a zero in the Appearance scoring.
Number of Spots Available: 20+
Tables: 4X4
Registration Opens: 7/11/2008 (dean at adeptusarizona dot com)
Entry Fee: $10 (includes pizza and prizes)

Scoring: A maximum of 45 points for Battle, 20 points for Appearance, and 24 points for Sportsmanship will be awarded. Battle is determined using 15pts Major Victory, 13pts Minor Victory, 10pts Draw, 7pts Minor Loss, 5pts Major Loss. Appearance uses a modified version of the GT paint system, and Sportsmanship is a 8 question checklist provided each game that details the preparation and enjoyment that each player brings to the table.

Talon’s Hideout1916 W. Baseline Rd.Suite 1Mesa, AZ 85202480-246-9423

So once again, so what you say. Well for me this gives me a chance to play an actual game. Being a event organizer means I only get to play if there is an odd number of players. So I will actually be battling it out during this event. So now I need to decide what army to use, hmm the decisions, more later...


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