Monday, April 02, 2007

Been busy

Well, I have been really busy in the last few weeks, so much so I haven’t had time to bust out the camera and take pictures of anything.

So here is what’s been going on,

1 - Been working on getting my Sisters of battle ready for the team tournament this coming weekend at Imperial Out games here in Phoenix. I had to paint up 12 sisters, 1 Saint model & 2 exorcist tanks, got everything done but bases to paint.

2 - Pirates from Brandon. My good friend Brandon was painting up 15 pirates for me for the Pirate project I have been working on. But due to personal & work issues he was not able to finish all of them. So I have had to do some finishing on about 7 models out of 15, noting to hard, just doing all the small detail stuff, still have 4 models to go.

3 - Lizard men - Well a few posts ago I mentioned a trade I was doing for Mike with his New Plastic Empire figures that I was assembling for him. Well Mike now doesn’t want to paint them due to the over detailing the basic figures have on them, so He asked if I would assemble his Lizard men for him (which are the old Plastic). So I have been working on getting them together.

4 - Chaos marines - Well Lonnie finally called in my services to assemble his Chaos Army for him in trade for the SoB's I got from him last year. Just allot of Chaos marines to assemble.

5 - Toms FoW - Still working on Toms FoW Germans for him, God I hate 15mm stuff! The problem I'm having is that I want to paint all the really cool detail on them like I would for a 28mm fig, but the problem is that it takes forever to do! Tom just said to paint them quickly, but it's so hard to do that with all the cool detail, Oh Well.

6 - Got a new kitty! - I posted also a few weeks ago about having to put down my cat, well we got a new one just 3 weeks ago (Jasmine) and she has been a blast to play with. She is a very time hungry cat to boot, always wants to play, which leads me to not working on any projects!

7 - Friend in hospital! - A good friend of mine Jim went into the Hospital last Tuesday for Appendicitis. The surgery went well, but he is having issues with getting his insides to work again. It seems that his digestive system is basically asleep. We have been to the hospital to see him over the last week and it's hard to get back into the groove of doing anything. You see Jim is only a few years older than me & he was a really active person, and to see him like this hurts. I have had no real interest to do anything but pray for him & his family.

So there you have it, been really busy and I hope to get to adding some pictures soon...


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