Sunday, March 25, 2007

Been Lazy

Well as the title states, I have been pretty lazy with posting up updates. Well I have been busy working on stuff, been assembling Lizardmen figures for Mike, been working on building a Chaos Space Marine army for a trade I did with him a year ago. I have also been painting 15mm figs for Tom for Flames of War. Besides that I have been busy working on some terrain for myself (a few hills & such) and I just recently finished up some Chaos in Cairo figs for Mike, below are a few pics, the rest our on my sister site the Pulp Project found at

I also have been doing allot of gaming lately, been getting ready for a Warhammer 40k tournament at our local game store Imperial Outpost, been playing some other games with Mike, Mein Panzer in N scale & a funny game that was a blast called Sheer Panic by Mayfair games. Funny thing about this game, I wouldn't have even noticed it but now that I played it I will probably go out and buy it, check it out, it's not what you would expect from a war gamer to play.

I have also been playing some World War 2 in 28mm with a set of rules that my good friend Rob has put together using a conversion of WH40K & Lord of the Rings. Well below are a few pics I snapped a few months ago that I'm finally posting.

Basically it was a us armoured col um moving to the front & being ambushed by a German force. The Germans had a Panther Tank with two Pak40s and a few Troops.

Basically the Americans were beaten back and if I remember right, I won. Below are a few more pictures.

I have also been working on a few American Paratroopers that I got in trade from Mike for painting the Chaos in Cario figs, will hopefully have a few more pics soon.
Also will be making more updates since I'm in the mood to paint & photgraph my stuff, so until then...

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