Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sister against Templars!

Last night I got together with my friend Lonnie to test out my 1500 point Sister of battle list against his 1500 Black Templar list. Lonnie & I will be playing together in a team tournament at Imperial Outpost on 4/7/07 and we will be using these list together to form one large 3000 point list.

Basically my List includes about 70 models with the bulk being made up of 3, 20 girl squads of sisters. I also have a few vehicles (exorcists) as well as the Saint to lead them with a few fast attack troops (seraphim's).

Lonnie's list was basically 2 Crusader land raiders, a Dreadnought, a Predator & 20 marines with a few special HQ choices. We played a Alpha mission of Take & Hold as a random scenario.

Since this was a practice game I wanted to see how the army would work & testing it against Lonnie would tell me if I needed to adjust anything. Too make a long story short, the game ended with Lonnie winning with having 1 Land raider take the objective. But I did destroy one of his other Land raiders in Hand to hand attacks with Melta Bombs, & I wiped out all but his Chappie & Emperors Champion. All I had left was the Saint with one wound left. All in all a great slug fest of a game.

So after looking at the game, I think the sisters are dialed in & will make a great complement to Lonnie's Black Templar List. Now I have to finish painting them Sisters!


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