Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sisters on the rise!

Well I have been doing alot of gaming in the last few weeks with no painting going on. But that is about to change.

Two local shops will be hosting (at different dates) team 40k Tournaments, were each member will be bringing 1500 points of which ever army they want to combine two of them into one large 3000 point army. Last year Lonnie & I went to Warboss games and finished 1st with a team up of Tau & Imperial Guard. So it looks like this year I will be teaming up with him again but I think I will take my Sisters of Battle.

The Sisters have been coming along well but I havn't been inspired to paint them anymore. Well after Lonnie shot me a list he did up on Armybuilder, I need to paint up 15 models to get it ready for the event. I have to paint 12Sisters, Two exorcists, and one special figure to be able to field an army of 70 models. So tonight I start painting SOB's again.

Also I have done a trade with Mike to get 56 Artizan paratroop models from him for 21 Chaos in Cario figs. So these will be getting on the paint table as well tonight.


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Mike G. said...

I need to learn math.