Monday, February 12, 2007

Lord of the Rings Campaign Day Coverage

Well we had our Lord of the Rings campaign day on Sunday 2/11/07 at Imperial Outpost. We had only six guys show up to play, but everyone had a blast. There were two teams The Evil side with Carl and his Goblins, Andre with Orcs & Tom using Urk-hai. The Good team had Rob using Rohon, Howard using Elves & Mike using elves as well. Here are a few shots of the games going on.

We played three games, Meeting Engagement, I'll met by Midnight & Take and Hold. Each game could be worth up to 20 points for a Major Victory, 15 points for a Minor Victory & 10 points for a draw. After each game I added up the scores for each team to see how the Campaign was going. After the meeting engagement the Evil team seemed to be having difficulty getting going with only Andres Orcs wining a Major Victory over Robs all mounted Rohon force.
The Elves (Mike & Howard) seemed to be holding there own with both scoring Major Victories against the Urk hai & Goblins.
Although in the next Game, the Evil side seemed to come onto there own with all three Evil players scoring Major Victories against the forces of Good.
By game three, Take & Hold, the Forces of good made a valiant stand and fought back heroically to even the playing field. Now before I go on, I have to say that the Take & Hold is a interesting scenario to play, below is a shot of how erratic deployment can be. I you notice in the picture, there are enemies that are set up right near each other. The Objective is to have more models in the center of the board than your opponent does.
As I said, the Good Team ended up pulling out two Major Victories & a draw, this meant that the battle scores for the teams were dead even at 90 each! So it looks like the powers that be need to think of a more sound battle plan. Below are a few more random shots from the event.
Now we also voted on the Best sportsman out of the event with players being able to score up to 10 points from each game, so 30 points could be had. My two cents is that this is the most important award to be won. Well Mike ended up getting 28 points out of 30 and was the winner of the Best Sportsman.
We also did a painting contest that I went around & used the GW RTT painting system for awarding points for best painted force. I also had each player vote for the best looking force as well and these points were added to the scores that I judged earlier. Well Howard scored the most and took away the award for best painted, here are a few shots of his nicely painted elves.
Oh and by the way, you may notice that there are no pictures of the Elves that Mike was using, that's because he was using my elves that I had posted up a few updates ago. Problem was, they were only primed black with some having a grey base color on them for the cloaks. I totally didn't get around to painting them (Damm Super Hero Figures!). Also I have to say thanks for Mike putting up with me, you see Mike was supposed to play a Rohon force that he brought along. But he was running late and I thought he might not make it to the event. To top it off I thought he didn't bring his force with him (he did not sure why I thought he didn't) and I made him play my elves, stupid me. but Mike wanted to see how they played and went along with it, so there Mike, I apologize if front of the whole world for me being a little scattered brained that morning.
All in all we will do this again but bump the points up to 500 points instead of 250. Thanks for everyone that played, I had a blast running it...

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