Friday, December 22, 2006

How I will spend Christmas

Well that time is upon us, and for me besides the traditional stuff, I look ahead to the New Year and what it will bring. That usually means taking a look at what I got done this year and what I painted, then the reflection moves to next years projects.

So let’s take a stroll down memory lane of 2006 and see what I accomplished.

I wrote my own rule set based on Pirates and will have them published in the very near future.
I finished… well not much really. The Pirate project kept me very busy all through the year. I did start a few projects so maybe I will list off what I started instead of listing what I did.

So with that, I started…
Painting a huge Sister of Battle army I got from Lonnie G. but I only got to about 60 figures out of the 250+ models I got from him. I will post up a few pictures once I get further along.
I started a Mongol army that I got from Robert B, this army has traded many hands but no one really took up the challenge of painting it. Well when I got it from Robert, I based all the figures on GW cavalry bases, but that was about all I did. Maybe this army has a curse on it???
Got two platoons of Imperial Guard figures from my friend Brandon. He has had a platoon of metal Mordians & Valhallans for some time now. Well after some trading & begging I finally got those figures from him. Now for years Brandon only had them in bare metal. Once I got them, I primed them white, then stuck them into a box to never see the light of day for the rest of the year. Hmm perhaps these are cursed as well…
Continued working on painting 15mmWW2 figures for my friend Tom O. I took on this project as a trade for something, but now I can’t remember what, but Tom does. You see Tom took advantage of the Old Glory sale and purchased a huge part of there 15mm line for WW2 for Flames of War. Tom didn’t have the time to paint so he asked if I would paint them. Well I started with the Tanks and busted them out pretty quick, but now I’m down to the infantry & I swear I think they are multiplying! I’m sure these are cursed!
Also for Tom O I took on building some cool 28mm tanks from Pig Iron in trade for some GW Space marine scouts, but as far as I got was washing the models down and that’s it. Hmm I think I hear the C word coming again…

There are also other projects that are still around from 2005 (28mm buildings for Mike, Near Future project for Tom, LotR projects, LotOW Projects) as well as my own 28mm WW2 collection I’m working on and a whole lot of other projects too.

So what are my plans for 2007, well I would like to say I will finish up all of these projects & start something new, but realistically I will probably still be working on the Pirate project, so that will be answering questions about the rules, painting Pirates, and playing demo games of Pirates as well as running a campaign or two.

So I guess I’m cursed to never finish projects, Oh well, A Pirates Life for Me!

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