Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Haul

So, what did I get for Christmas…

This seemed to be the year of DVDs for me, here’s what my friends & loved ones got me.

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest 2 disc DVD. My wife got this for me, really a no brainier since I told everyone that I wanted it. Spent Christmas morning watching all the bonus features about the movie, some great stuff on the second disc.

My mom sent me a $50.oo gift certificate to Best Buy, I had received that on the 23rd of December so off I went to fight the crowds. I was looking for the Band of Brothers DVD set, but it was a little more than I had ($67.00 but I heard on the 24th it was half off! Arrggghh!). So I picked up a classic Sci Fi movie, Logan’s Run (1976) got this gem for only $7.00. I also picked up the Chronicles of Riddick Trilogy. I didn’t know there was a third movie, which there isn’t but it’s a 30 minute cartoon that takes place in-between Pitch Black & Chronicles. Pretty good stuff. I also picked up two CD’s one Disciple Scars Remain and Mute Math both Christian bands. Disciple is very hard & edgy and Mute Math is a cross between Sting/U2/Linkin Park all rolled together.

My In-law’s sent me a $40.00 gift card to Hollywood video, so on the 24th I headed off with my son to see what I could get there. Once there Hollywood video was having a buy 2, get 2 DVDs free, so we dove into the DVDs looking for movies. What we came up with were, Kingdom of heaven, The Great Raid, Doom & I know this one doesn’t make sense, but the Lakehouse (that one was for my wife).

I also received from my good friend Brandon F, a plate of home made cookies (which he makes every year, but all I like are his Cheese Cake cookies) and as a surprise he gave me a Pirate board game by a German company, looks pretty good but I have not opened it up yet, so we will see.

Also I got to play some games over the Christmas weekend as well. I got to play Legends of the Old West & some Lord of the Rings with my good friends Tom O & Mike G. We played a three way battle of LotOW and sadly my Mexican Banditos were the first to run for the hills & I was the first one out of the game.

I did better with the LotR game which was a 400 point per side with Tom & Mike taking 200 points each (Riders of Rohon & a Minas Tirith with Elven allies). I took Cirth Ungol Orcs and by the 7th or 8th turn I had the game won. So a good day for gaming.

So all in all a very good Christmas was had, the only thing that would have been better was to have my family from California out to spend the holidays with us, but there is always New years…

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