Wednesday, December 20, 2006

About my Hobby Part II

Well I left off with me getting involved with WAB, so I will just go from there…

So after getting the WAB armies up, I was soon corrupted by Rob B to start playing a neat little game called Necromunda by Games Workshop. Rob soon organized a group of us (Myself, Brandon F, Lonnie J, Tom O, Dave C) into a campaign and we played for a few weeks straight. Rob & I also were commissioned by Darren at Imperial Outpost to build some cool Necro/40Kish terrain.

Soon after that my interests started to turn to more skirmish style games. I found that I really loved the Necromunda system (I had also played Mordheim) and soon was looking for similar games. Rob had put together a cool modification of the necromunda rules for World War II and we started playing that.

Rob & I continued to play this mod of Necro and soon Rob talked me into playing 40K, 4th edition. But I really never got into it until that version until the published the Trial rules. After that I was hooked and it seemed that 40K was my new game. I jumped headlong into building a Night lords army but soon lost interest. What I always wanted to play was Imperial guard, but I couldn’t justify paying the price for the metal troops. That all changed when GW released the Plastic Imperial Guardsmen. I soon had a huge army of plastic men to assemble and paint. Well long story short I know have a good sized IG army along with a small collection of tanks & vehicles (40 or so!). My friend Lonnie also gave me his huge (250+) Sister of Battle army that was unpainted. So now I have two huge Imperial armies to play with.

After painting so many IG figures, I needed a break and about that time Warhammer historical released Legends of the Old West, a skirmish game set in the Old West. I soon was hooked and started collecting Cowboys & Desperados and soon had a campaign going. I also was distracted by the Lord of the Rings game along the way & have only now started playing it (it’s my replacement for WHFB).

So there you have it, 25 years of gaming wrapped up into two short stories. When I look back I can’t believe all the games I have played (and still play!) and the friends I have met. Now on to another 25 years gaming…

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