Monday, February 10, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines...


This past Saturday my buddy Mike from Da Greenskins Blog ran a few demo games of Gaslands for our local shop, Imperial Outpost Games here in Phoenix.

First of many Demos
I think we ran about 6 games all together, 4 Demos and two regular games. The shop sold out of books and the 10 packages of the Implements of Carnage that they brought in. So all in all was a great day.

Cars on the track
We had lots of folks watching the game and the shop was running an X wing tournament and lots of X Wing players were taking notice of the game as well. Mike and I also gave out free cars to folks that played in the demo as well as if they purchased products for the game from the shop.

Hmm I was the first to blow up!

Followed by one of Mikes cars!

We also answered lots of questions on how to build and modify cars as Mike and I had most of our cars on display and to let folks use in the demo. And since we were giving out cars, people could see just how much we converted some cars.

Crowd favorite for converting!

Figure 8 death track with six players!

The great take away from this weekend was we had lots of folks play and are pretty excited about the game. The store owner, Darren was also excited about the game and actually pitched an idea of doing a 16'+ long track, something like the canyon scene from Fury Road. Well Mike and I are thinking about doing something like that for the next demo day.

A fun track that only two survived!
Now my mind is thinking how to build a 16'+ canyon for the next time we play, Mike and I started calling it the Devils Canyon Run or El Diablo run. Can you survive to the finish line? Time to get started on building some terrain now!



Robert said...

Looks fun!

Tim Kulinski said...

It was, you would have had a blast!

DaGreenskins said...

It was a great day and I had fun teaching people how to play.