Wednesday, February 26, 2020



Back to Gaslands cars tonight, here are a few cars that will be going under the knife for some modifications.

The luck chosen!
 First up is drilling out the rivets in the cars, I do this using my drill press and a new 7/16th drill bit. Makes very fast work to taking out the rivet heads. Now I see Hot Wheels restorers online that tap out the post to use self tapping screws, I just use super glue to reassemble them, I also glue the wheels in place as I don't want the cars rolling around the board while using them.

Clean removal of the rivets!
Two cars are actually from my grown sons car collection, the Green Super Bird and the White Chevy 4x4. I noticed on the 4x4 a date of 1983 on the car, so I did some searching and come to find out that this car is rather rare. I guess the cars after this had the Hot Wheels logo in the rear side window, well this car doesn't have this. So searching Ebay, this car goes anywhere from $10.00 to $35.00, wow, I bet some collector is going to have a heart attack when they see what I am going to do with this car!

First rare car I guess.
 Interesting when I took it apart, I did not know the doors opened, it has a spring inside to allow this to happen. Not I am not sure if i will keep the doors on or off for my build.

Spring for doors that open!
The second car is this Plymouth Super Bird, I really like the paint on this one and will keep that as is except for some light weathering. I did add guns to the roof which I then carefully masked off the paint to prime the plastic guns.  I also did not like the wheels on the car and swapped them for the wheels off the El Camino with Jet engine. I had to cut down the axle to get them to fit, but I like the rims on it better then the plain old looking Hot Wheels stock wheel.

Super Cool now!
Since I robbed the wheels off the El Camino, I needed to add wheels back to this car. So I used the wheels off the Implements of Carnage set and added guns and the Rue bar ram to the front. As my buddy Mike loves dual wheels on his build, I decided to do a duel set of rear wheels. it does make it look meaner from back with those jet engines back there.

Dual wheels for you my friend.

Looks tough and strong with dual wheels.
 Okay, off to the paint shop, will post more once completed, stay tuned Gaslands Fans!


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