Monday, September 16, 2019

Just about time...


Work continues on my Beastmen team for Grumble Bowl 2019, here are a few pictures of some of the mutants that are on the team. For this event we are allowed to have a few players with skills chosen from the team list. So I decided I wanted to model some of the mutations.

So first up is Billy & The Goat, a two headed mutation for the team. This was a pretty easy conversion as All I had to do was file down one side of the neck of both heads to get a nice flat surface.

Billy & The Goat

A straight on shot of the two headed mutation. 
Next up  was the Big Hand mutation which I think I will name him, Big Hand! Once again this was an easy conversion, I just chopped off his hand and replaced it with a extra Crypt Horror hand I had in my bitz collection.

Big Hand in his Glory

Another shot of his Big Hand!
Next up is a mutation with extra arms, which was an easy conversion as well, I just did some filing on the lower set of arms to get them just right and glued them together.

With those few models, the team is now ready for the main event this coming Saturday, here is a few shots of the team.

White and Gold!

Team Photo on its display board
So I look forward to seeing how well the team works out this weekend, this will be my first official NAF approved event, player number 14769 ready to hit the pitch!



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