Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Taco Bowl I 2018 in the books!


Ever since I bought my first Blood Bowl box game way back when, I have always wanted to run a Blood Bowl Tournament. Now I had tried many times, but thee was no real interest with my group of players. I had run a few Blood Bowl days with a few folks, but with the game being out of print, it was hard to get folks excited about it.

Well last year when GW re-released Blood Bowl, a few of my gaming group got into it and played a few games. My son over lunch one day (while eating tacos) brought up the idea to do a tournament and I thought maybe it would be a good time to do something about it. As we were eating Tacos at a favorite place of ours the Taco & Dilla Parlor we came up with Taco Bowl I.

So with an idea in my head, I came up with this back story for the Taco Bowl:

Taco Bowl I came about after an up incoming Halfling named Paul Hairytoes went on an “adventure” across the Great ocean in search of new recipes. His travels took him to a far south western port where the locals made hard crispy corn shells that held various meats, vegetables and cheeses, the locals called these Tacos. Well, Paul Hairytoes found his newest creation and sailed back across the Great ocean to introduce this amazing, delicious creation to the people of the Old World.

Unfortunately, Paul had run into some trouble with gambling and betting on Blood Bowl matches before he went on his little “adventure”.  So, while on the ship back to the old-world Paul came up with a brilliant plan, He would change his name to Paco, no last name, just Paco and start selling his own brand of Paco’s Tacos (trademark pending). But Paul aka Paco, had to figure out how to get the word out about his Paco’s Tacos. His plan was simple; he would sponsor a new Halfling Blood Bowl Team called the Tiny Titans and sell his Paco’s Tacos to the crowd. This would allow him to get rich off Paco’s Tacos and let him bet against his own team, thus guarantying that he would never have gambling issues ever again, because Paul aka Paco knows, Halfling teams never win!

With that said, Taco Bowl I was launched, with Paco’s Tacos being a proud sponsor of the Tiny Titans and the glorious Taco Bowl I. Teams from all over the old world will travel the newest venue, the Paco’s Tacos Stadium or as the fans call it, The Taco Bowl.
As this is the first ever Taco Bowl I, this will be an invite only (as Paul aka Paco is trying to stack the deck to better his winnings). 

With the story set, I hand picked 8 players to participate in the first ever Taco Bowl I. The format would be simple, build a Million point list of no more than 16 players on the roster. Each round would have the teams reset but the players needed to keep track of kO's and TD's scored. I also allowed each player to pick one card out of the the various special cards used for the game.

The Mighty Taco Bowl I Trophy as well as the lessor Assassin Award & Mr. TD award, we spared no expense1

Now that we had eight players I needed a fun trophy for the event which was secured at the local party store and then my brother said we need something to put in the trophies. So it was decided that hot sauce packets from a local Del Taco were just the perfect thing! My wife found a "Taco" hat, and we had our prizes for this glorious event. 

Our venue for the glorious Taco Bowl I would be at Funkatronic Rex Board Games and More here in Phoenix. Mike the owner just opened the store about a year and a half ago and was looking to do something with me. And with it being right next door to the Taco & Dilla Parlor, it was a no brainier.  Plus it got a few new folks to come over to his shop.

With that, we were set and 8 players arrived at Taco Bowl I and we were able to get in two games each. Here are a few pictures from the event.

Everyone had a great time, we had two old pros (Myself & Mike G) as well as some veterans (Kat & Derek) and the rest were all newbies (Jerry, Robert, Mychal and John) some had only played one time and that was a few years ago (more like 7 but who's counting!).

After all was said and done, we had three winners for the day. My son Mychal took home Mr. Touch Downs, Derek took the Assassin award and Mike G took home the big Taco, being the First Taco Bowl Champion!

The Big Winners!
All in all it was a very fun day and I used this event to dip my toe into the waters of running a bigger Blood Bowl event. I wanted to see how everything would shack out and I am trying to get folks to join me in playing a small league for BB, we shall see on that.



Mike G. said...

Thanks for putting on the event. I had a blast. I’ve even been looking online for some more teams to add to my collection!

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks Mike, I had fun with it and will do it again soon.

Robert Brightwell said...

I had a good time. Thanks!

Tim Kulinski said...

Glad you enjoyed it Robert, now we need to play a few more games.