Tuesday, November 01, 2016

HEROIC moves closer to release

My new set of rules moves another step closer to seeing the light of day. I received a PDF copy of the main rules with pictures added in. HEROIC will be published by Winged Hussar Publishing and the pictures and internal layout are being done by Dave Taylor Miniatures. Here are a few pictures of what the book will look like, well on the inside anyway.

So, you may be asking yourself, what is HEROIC? Well this ruleset is my attempt to do a generic set of skirmish rules that will allow you to game most periods in history or in the fantasy/sci fi worlds. It was born from my local game buddies always trying to find the next set of rules that we could all game with. Right now it is just the core rules and in time I plan to release supplements for a variety of historical periods as well as for other worlds of fantasy.

The game was born while I attended Adepticon back in 2014 when I ran into Vincent Respond of Winged Hussar Publishing. In fact, Dave Taylor is a regular at Adepticon and a lot of ideas for this set of rules came from friends that also attend Adepticon.

So now I am just waiting to see what the cover will look like, I added my two cents, but its a wait and see now, but we are getting closer to HEROIC being unleashed on the gaming community!



Robert said...

Nice! Did Dave give you any feedback?

Tim Kulinski said...

No feedback from Dave, maybe he will say something once it's done.

Tom O said...