Friday, October 28, 2016

Band of Painters - November (early)


Here is my next installment of the Band of Painters Challenge for Konflikt 47 , it is the November installment. Why so early you may ask? Well it seems that I have a 100 figure Chinese Boxer Rebellion commission that needs to be completed before Thanksgiving, so I decided to kick out these two small units pretty quickly.

Nachtjager Unit
 First up are the Nachtjagers, the back story behind these things is that Germany started messing around with DNA splicing and these are a mix of snake, bat and alligator spliced with a volunteer human. These models are a pain to assemble, the spot where the wings attach don't give you a good glue spot to hold them on. I had to pin them which makes them more than enough sturdy. Unfortunately you only get two poses, the model on the left and center model. Since I did not want two of these guys holding torn off heads, I removed the hand (model on right) and replaced it with a GW plastic Ghoul hand I had in my bits box. A simple conversion if you have the parts.

Schreckwulfen Unit
Next up was a Schreckwulfen unit. Once again the German scientists spliced DNA of a wolf with a human, I still think of them as werewolves though! These were built pretty quickly with no issues and are all stock. I was going to go with a Grey scheme, but decided that I wanted them to be in browns, the next ones will be in grey.

So there you go, just a few completed models for Konfikt 47 off the bench.


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