Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Band of Painters Challenge


Coming in September, Myself and three other folks are going to be participating in a little paint challenge that we are calling Band of Painters. It will take place for four months and we will each be building and painting new Bolt Action Armies as well as Konflikt 47 armies (which we will add the new units to the armies we are working on).

Each month we will be building and painting up 250 points of models, with the goal after four months being 1000 point armies. Now realistically we will be doing more than 1000 points if you add in the new units for Konflikt 47, but the main goal is to get a new army for Bolt Action first.

We are doing this with our local shop, Imperial Outpost Games here in Phoenix to help promote Bolt Action as well as Konflikt 47. As we finish each 250 point allotment, they will be on display at the shop in one of their glass display cases for the world to see.

So, what will I be building you ask? Well it looks like I will be doing a brand new German army (surprise surprise!). This army will be built as a late war army and will be a perfect fit for the Konflikt 47 army. I really wanted to do a different army, because I have a huge Crusader/Black Tree German army already, but once I saw that the Germans in Konflikt 47 get Zombies, Werewolfs and some other cool stuff, I was done, it would be a new German army for me!

So with that being decided, I picked up the new Konflikt 47 German Starter box set you see below. 

So for $112.00 here is what you get in the box set:

An A5 sized Rulebook
1 Spinne light panzermech
1 Pz IV-X medium tank
24 Grenadiers
8 Totenkorp (Zombies!)
6 Pin Markers
6 D6 dice
6 Order Dice

Not a bad little set and it comes up to around 650 points give or take. Nice thing is you can add your regular Bolt Action army to this and easily get you well over 1000 points. That's the one thing I am excited about, I can now get two uses out of one army!

So there you have it, what I will be doing for the next few months, the hardest part will be to not start painting it up now! So keep checking back here for updates and if you are in the Phoenix area, stop by Imperial Outpost games to see the figures in person. We will also love to show you how to play Bolt Action and Konflikt 47.



Jason Meyers said...

Good luck guys! Looking forward to all the eye candy!

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks Jason, it will be fun. The hard part for me will be to ONLY paint 250 points each month!

Scottswargaming said...

This games going to be a cracker!

ahschmidt said...

Sweet! Can't wait to see what you all do! I may add some units to my Germans for K47. My focus is on BA at the moment.