Thursday, May 19, 2016

Blood Bowl Returns!


It seems that Games Workshop is going to re-release Blood Bowl in the fall and I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive! I am totally stoked about this, Blood Bowl was one of the first GW games I picked up and I have a love for the game that I can't really describe. I love the game, I hate the game and whenever I find people selling teams or models I pick them up!

The rumor's have been floating around for years that GW would re-do the game, but word is getting out that the rules are pretty much going to be the same that folks are currently playing now. (Yes there are still people playing Blood Bowl at big events).

So here are a few pictures I grabbed off of Twitter this morning showing all the cool models coming out!



The new models look amazing and the fact that they have announced that they will be in plastic is great news! One source from Twitter mentioned that Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and Skaven will be the first releases in plastic. Star Players will be in resin more than likely released through Forge World. And if sales go well, there will be a second season release with even more models. The future looks bright for BB fans.
So I know I will be giving more money to GW in the fall, time to start saving my pennies for all the cool new BB stuff that will be coming out. Hmm now I need to make a Buccaneer team for Blood Bowl, hmmm...


Dagreenskins said...

I feel like quoting a line from Scar Face, Just when you think you are done they pull you back in. LOL cant wait for the new version of this game to come out.

JP Chapleau said...

It will be great to see it come back. Though I'm fairly certain the 300$ price tag may make it prohibitive...

Tim Kulinski said...

Why do you think it will be $300.00?? If you look at all the other games that have come out with, Overkill $165.00, Assassinorum $125.00, Warhammer Quest $150.00, I don't think Blood Bowl will be in the $300.00 range, more like $150.00 I am guessing. If it does come in higher than that, I have enough teams already that I can skip the new game, but I don't think it will be that high.