Monday, April 08, 2013

US Paratroops are on the ground!

So, a few months ago, myself, Jerry and Mike set out on a little paint challenge called the Tale of Three, you can see the rules here.

Well, I got the first installment done with now problem but once that was complete, real life got involved and I missed the next two installments. Well a few weeks ago I had a window of time open and I busted out the missed installments as well as the rest of the army!

Yeah, I know, this may be seen as cheating, but when you have a busy paint business that you run, you do not get much time to paint for yourself, so I just slammed it home. Here are the pictures of the finished project.

The Whole Airborne Force!
Stick 1

Stick 2
Stick 3

Stick 4
 Yes, that is 4 sticks (or Squads) of 12men each giving me 48 paratroopers, more than I will ever use but hey, I love these figures!

Bazooka Teams

81mm Mortar

Now, below is a conversion that I did for the para sniper. I had bought a blister of Warlord US Paras, but 2 of the figures that were kneeling had the gun barrels broke off at the end. Well I contacted Warlord and they sent me the replacements. But As I waited, I had an idea to use some of the Plastic Warlord parts to convert a sniper. So I cut of the cast on hands and cut away the gun as close as I could and replaced it with the plastic Sniper rifle and a set of plastic hands from the Warlord US plastic box set. After about an hour of work, this is what I got! I am pretty happy with it and it is a great figure for my paras.

Sniper Team

.30 cal teams

Command Squad

75mm Howitzer

75mm Howitzer

57mm Anti tank gun

57mm again
Back of 57mm

Close up of army

Close up again

Last close up
So there you go, my US Airborne troops are done and now I have an American force for Bolt Action. I am glad to get these figures painted, they have been sitting for about 6 years awaiting paint, so I feel good about finely getting paint on them.

Next up will be some Dark Age stuff (man that stuff is huge!) and I just played my first game of Saga this weekend and had a blast. I will be getting out my Viking Army to rob figures for a Viking warband for Saga, oh heck who am I kidding, I want some new Vikings!!!



Drunken Samurai said...

Great work, Tim! Too bad they won't live...Ha Ha!

Scott said...

Wow, that's a sizable force alright!
Well done for staying the course and getting it finished.

Tim Kulinski said...

Thanks guys, I am glad I finally got them all painted.

Now If I can just get time for my EotD stuff!!!