Saturday, June 16, 2012

Embracing the (15mm) Dark Side!


I have been fighting it for almost 4 years, but tonight I think I have finally caved and embraced the 15mm side of gaming! First a little back story, as some know I play a lot of 28mm games (LotHS, LotR, EotD and the list goes on and on) and one area that I am very interested in is WW2. I have a huge collection in 28mm but have been waiting for the right set of rules to come out. Now when Flames of War came out a few years ago (more like 10 years ago now!) I was very interested but 15mm was just too small and dainty for me. Yeah I did buy some models (Tigers, 8.8 Flack Guns) but never really got into it during the 1st edition.

Then Battlefront released 2nd edition FoW, which I picked up and even got a Afrika Corps army. But I only really played a few games and was sort of left feeling meh about the game. I wanted to like the game, but I still kept telling myself that it was 15mm and too small. A couple of friends started getting into it and I felt like I should be enjoying it, but still the bigger scale (28mm) was winning for my interest. Also my paint service (Saguaro Painting Service) was getting a lot of 15mm figures coming from customers, so that meant I was/am painting a butt load of 15mm!

Then Battlefront released FoW 3rd edition and my gaming group got the rules, and my buddy DrunkenSamurai started hounding me to play some small level games. Well if it was his plan or Battlefronts, it seemed to have worked. Tonight as I sat finishing up another commission job for a Saguaro customer, it hit me, I am enjoying painting and playing 15mm games (grated it is only been FoW, but it is a start!). Maybe it was Games Workshop and their ridiculous pricing or them just messing with rules that finally pushed me over, it is any one's guess.
So it seems that FoW will be the game of the year for me (I already played more games of it than LotR!) and I have started building a couple of other armies in 15mm. Also it has got me thinking about what to do with Gathering in the Desert (which in the past was all about LotR). I am not saying that I am planning on running a FoW tournament (I hate tourneys by the way), but it has got me thinking of doing something with 15mm and FoW, you will just need to stay tuned to Cursed Treasures to find out.

So what is the take away from this post, well it is pretty simple really,

"Hi my name is Tim and I like 15mm and Flames of War"



Jerry said...

Very cool, Tim! I'm feeling the same way. Before you know it, you might be playing other 15mm games. Your wallet will thank you. Plus, even individually based 15mm models look pretty cool on the table. I've been surprised myself.

Scottswargaming said...

LOL, I like it, welcome to the dark side... ;-)
Nice panzer by the way...

Dagreenskins said...

I know you can't see me right now but I am doing a happy dance. Now if I can just get you into 10 and 6mm miniatures.

Tim Kulinski said...

@ Jerry, yeah I am sure my wallet will still be hit just as hard as with larger scales!

@ Scott, thanks man, that is one of my Panzer III's for my DAK army. Thanks for the "Dark Side" welcome!

@ Mike, I'm sure you are dancing! LOL

Robert said...

I really like FOW and the new edition is great. It is such a good game I don't even notice how hideous the minis are. But seriously...they are hideous.

Tom O said...

Smaller scales are just well...smaller...

And you used to have both Micro Armor and Epic stuff I recall, so the question now becomes: What era/period/genre will you be doing in a smaller scale next?

Tom O