Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy 15mm Week!

Well folks,

It's been a real productive week here in the Valley of the Sunstroke, I have been on a painting terror. Besides my own stuff this week, I also completed a couple of commissions on the Saguaro Painting Service side as well.

Anyhow, lets get to what I did for myself, first up some awesome Plastic Soldier Company Panzer III's

I really love the PSC models, in my opinion, these are much better models than the Battlefront vehicles. They look much better and scaled correctly compared to Battlefront miniatures. The only draw back would be you have to do more assembly than a Battlefront mini, but it is not a problem for me since I enjoy building models.

Next up is another PSC model, a Panzer IV F2 which is one of the iconic tanks of the desert war for me. And once again, PSC knocks it out of the park with this model!

I also needed to do one more command tank for my American tank force, so here is another PSC (can you tell I love PSC tanks?) tank, this time a Sherman tank. Now I have added a Battlefront driver since I liked the pose of the figure.

Now onto the big project, my American Infantry army, which is made up of Old Glory miniatures. There are 2 Rifle platoons, a Weapons Platoon, 2 Heavy Machine Gun platoons and a 81mm Mortar platoon. This force represents the Americans in Africa when the US enters the ground war.

Here is the Company Command (Left BF) and the 2IC (right OG).

There are two nine man platoons, these are all Old Glory figures.

Next up a Weapons Platoon (OG)

Here is one of two Heavy Machine Gun teams (OG).

And lastly a platoon of Heavy Mortars (OG).

You may notice that I have a lot of Old Glory miniatures and the only BF models are the Company Command team, in which they are from the Infantry Ace pack.

There is a reason for it, having painted hundreds (maybe even thousands) of BF figures and for the most part, I am not impressed. They seem to be chunkier than most figures and really do not have a ton of detail. Old Glory on the other hand seems to be skinnier than most and the detail is better than BF figures. But that is just my opinion.

So after all the hard work, Robert and I decided to throw down a 700 point Infantry game. Here is the table with our deployment (we were playing Breakthrough). I was playing Americans and Rob took his Fallschimjager force.

Well after 6 turns, the Germans took an objective and won the game (lucky bastard!). So there you go, a ton of 15mm within the last few days with more to come...



Scott said...

Great work Tim, gotta love those PSC tanks :-)

I found your comments regarding the difference between BF and OG figures interesting.

The biggest beef I have with OG is their website is crap and pictures of their figures uninspiring, and poorly detailed... until they 'shape up' they are unlikely to be getting my business...

Loved your battle report, well done!

Redscorps said...

That is a tonne of 15mm!

I have the PSC tanks as well and having just gotten into FoW from 40k I have to say the transition was pretty easy (lots of parts, some 'making it fit') but I did pick up my first BF tank the other day and I have to say I love the simplicity of just being able to glue the tracks and gun on, then get priming.

The battle and tanks all look brilliant, thanks for the inspiration.

Tim Kulinski said...


OG's website sucks, the lack of good pictures of there stuff makes it tough to spend money with them. I have taken some big chances and I have a ton of OG models for my FoW armies. With me doing commission work, I have painted a fair share of OG, so if there is something you have been thinking about let me know, I may have painted it and can tell you if it is worth buying.

Scott said...

Thanks Tim, I appreciate it.