Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sail on the Horizon


As most followers of this blog know, I usually make the trip out to Adepticon in Chicago. In years past I have run a few Legends of the High Seas Demos as well as a multi-player games. Well this year I got together with my friend John over at Plastic Legions and threw out the idea about running a LotHS mini campaign. You see John ran a campaign day for his regular game group awhile ago and I thought he would be the perfect person to pair up with for an event at Adepticon.

Well unfortunately it seems that I will not be able to make it out to Adepticon this year. But I still will be supporting John and his event from afar, so all is not lost. Now last year I was able to acquire a (Thanks to another friend Merle Dellinger) a Old Glory Miniatures 25mm Pirate ship, the Pirate Hunter.

Now one idea that I had for the campaign was to use two of these cool Old Glory Ships for the Boarding Action scenario from LotHS. John is up for it and has access to another ship in Chicago, so that means that my ship will need to make the trip out to Adepticon without me. That means that I need to assemble my ship and get it painted before Adepticon in April.

So as I un-boxed the beast that is the Pirate Hunter I noticed that there were no instructions and I could only find a few pictures of the model. So I thought I would document building this beast and getting it painted. So over the next few weeks I will post up shots of this thing as it gets built and painted.

So first up is the un-boxing of this huge ship, which I shall call the Wicked Wench, named after the Pirate ship in the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. The ship is made out of a high density foam and it comes with a bag of white metal parts, which I will get to later.

This thing is huge and has plenty of room on the decks for figures to move around on. Here is a shot with a few Artizan 28mm figures on it.

This ship measures out to be about 28 1/2 inches long, which is definitely a large ship in LotHS terms as well as just being plain big on the table top.

She is also 7 inches wide at the mid-ship and as you can see there is a lot of room, even taking into account that there will be 8 cannons on this part of the deck alone.

Here is the white metal parts that are included, it has 16 full cannons and 36 partial cannons to go below decks. It also comes with one decorative railing, 3 smaller railings with belaying pins, a capsin, 4 deck ladders, 1 ornamental lamp for the back of the ship and 3 sets of parts for the main masts along with wooden dowel for the actual masts. It also comes with one Helmsman with 4 separate heads so you can create a unique helmsman.

My only issue with this is that there is no instructions for anything. It would be helpful for at least some description of where items have to go. But if you know ships, it is pretty easy to guess where items belong. But other than that this a great model and will be an awesome ship for Legends of the High Seas games.

Next post on this will be assemble and preparing for paint.



Andrew said...

Wow, looks awesome. I can't wait to see you paint it. Don't forget not to use enamel spray primer.

cianty said...

She's a beauty! What a wonderful model! I very much look forward to your following posts and seeing her in full colour.

I used GW spray primer on my OG Brigantine and it DIDN'T HOLD AT ALL. The paint was chipping off when I tried to drybrush the model and it was driving me nuts. Granted, I didn't REALLY wash the model all that well... I did drive me mad though... Good luck with your model!

John@Plastic Legions said...

Wow Tim!, I didn't think you were going to follow thru on this since you weren't coming..if you are I will definitely make it happen..we need to figure out if my Spanish Galleon and your Pirate Hunter can work side by side...they should mine is smaller, but the heights looks close enough..I'll email you with details about making this a reality.

Question about this model..It looks like there is alot pitting around the upper sides and stern wood that some sort of design work or casting blemish you'll have to fill? I can't tell.

either way what a great ship I am impressed by proper scale, I have the OG brig..and it is way too small to accurately be more 1/72...true 25's are workable but figures like the popular Black Scorpion stuff look out of place..glad to see this good.

Tim Kulinski said...


Dude, I would not leave you high and dry for this, just because I can't be there in person at least my ship will be!

That pitting you see on the stern is suppose to be there, it is decorative. I started working on cleaning up the metal castings and getting them ready for installation on this beast.


I have been told that this foam will take regular spray paint, but I will test that out first. I shudder to think about having to prime this monster by hand!

cianty said...

I wish you the best, Tim. :)

Oh, maybe you could tie your posts about the ship together by assigning a unique label to them? That way I could easily link to the series of posts in my ship reference.

Tim Kulinski said...


I gave it a "Wicked Wench" label just for you man.

cianty said...

Perfect! I have added it to the list. Thanks!