Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Osgilith starts to Rise

First off, sorry for the lack of posts, been busy with work and life, but I have been pretty busy on the game front.

Secondly, thanks to all the folks that made comments on my What Does it Take post on LotR. Some very interesting thoughts and comments. I was going to answer all the negative points about the game, but really that would not help with changing peoples thoughts on LotR. The only way folks will change their minds is if they go out and play it. I will continue to blog about it here so have no fear and I will be doing more posts on Gathering in the Desert as well as other LotR events.

And now lastly onto what has been going on on the game side of things. Well I have been working on terrain for GitD 2011 and started working on the new Osgilith terrain. Now Tom O had donated his terrain for the last two years which has been great, but this year Tom was thinking of letting some of his stuff go for sale. So I decided that I would start to invest in some terrain to replace his. Well I ordered 8 of the new Osgilith terrain boxes from Gamesworkshop and this past weekend started to build some ruins.

Two kits went to Drunkensamurai to build while I worked on the other six kits. below is a shot of the table with seven out of the eight pieces of terrain that I knocked together.

The new kits are nice and with a few extra pieces from other kits (LotR terrain kits) they start to come to life. Now these are still missing the smaller texture but you get the idea.

You may notice some extra bricks that I made out of Masonite to add to the kit, these were cut from 1/4" thick by 1" long by 1/2" tall to match the brick pattern on the kits. All in all these are coming together nicely. So stay tuned for more shots of these and the other terrain projects that I am working on...



John@Plastic Legions said...

Hah, tim you and I are so on the same wavelength sometimes its scary..I been messing around with revamping my long stagnant Osgiliath project myself with the new terrain
I'm using Hirst Blocks to fill in the gaps..can't wait to see yours!
BBB is this weekend, look for the write ups!

Anonymous said...

Loving these new pieces. I'm a huge fan of the new Osgiliath terrain set and I'm hoping that we'll do something similar for Adepticon this year.

I also think the new ruined round tower that GW released would fit very nicely into the Osgiliath tables. Some obvious things would need to be converted but by and large it looks like a nice compliment.

Tim Kulinski said...

@ John - Well does that mean your finally going to make the trip out to AZ buddy??? Look forward to the write ups on B3.

@ Brent - Yeah I was thinking of adding the ruined tower, will see when it comes out.

botwt said...

Looking forward to seeing how your Osgiliath project turns out! :)

Elhion said...

That looks like a "must buy" kit, pretty versatile and you made good use of it. Keep updating please!