Monday, September 27, 2010

"Meats back on the Menu Boys!"


Here is my winning Diorama from Mayhem in the Mountains, "Meats back on the Menu boys!"

As I posted previously, I was the only entry, so it was a sort of a shallow victory, hopefully next year there will be more entries.

Now the inspiration for this came from a few places, first up it came from the Two Towers LotR movie and books. It also came from a friend Frank Brown. You see Frank made a comment on the Mayhem in the mountains forum stating that Meat was back on the Menu since he and a few of us "Ringers" were coming to Parker for the event.

Now the other thing about this diorama is that I used a few left over figures from my collection. I had two scouts left and a extra Uruk-hai Captain left, so I used them for Ugluk and his boys. The orcs were just left overs and the headless orc came from the new Ent Plastic model.

I also tried something new for blood, I used Liqutex Matte Medium mixed with red and brown ink for the blood. It came out pretty well, in fact my wife asked if I had cut myself by accident!

All in all I think it came out pretty well.



John@Plastic Legions said...

Love it- awesome!

Tom O said...

Looks good as always Tim!

(Have you gotten my emails?)

Ghostin said...

Liquitex has some great textures to play with. I briefly considered using the glass beads as a medium for Tyranids...

Love the blood work and the grassy base.

Unknown said...

Use real GW Ugluk figure. It will look better.