Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mayhem in the Mountains


Next weekend Drunkensamurai and I are headed up to Colorado to play in Mayhem in the Mountains, a Lord of the Rings tourney that my buddy Keith is running. You see I talked Keith into setting up a LotR event much like Gathering in the Desert while at Adepticon this year. Really it was an easy thing to do when Keith had a few beers in him!

Anyway, I also talked Drunkensamurai into driving up and playing in the event. So next Friday we load up his car and head up to Parker Colorado for some LotR action. Nice thing about this event is that besides the locals and Drunken & I, Frank Brown and a few other "Ringers" are coming into town for this event.

So with myself committed to going to the event, the next thing was what to take to play? Well I could go ultra competitive or I could go with fun. So I went with something sort of both, the list is called Denizens of Mirkwood and is shown below.

I thought I would keep the army list under wraps, but heck, I am just going to have some fun and I am curious on how well the army will do. I have played a few games with it so far and I have to Major Wins under my belt. One was against Tom O's Gondor force and the other was against Jerry's Corsairs list. I think it will be a fun set of games.

Besides the LotR tourney, Keith is running the Durins Axe painting competition, which is much like the Red Dragons we run at GitD. Below are two out of the three entries that I plan on entering. First up a Goblin Shaman.

The other is a Morannon Orc Captain that was going to be part of the above force but I dropped him from the list.

My other entry is still being worked on and it is for the Diorama entry and it is called "Meats back on the Menu Boys!". Once it is done I will post a few pictures.

Anyhow, I will have full coverage of the trip and the event next week after I get back, so stay tuned...



Jerry said...

All the models look really great. The shaman is nice, too. It's a tough army, for sure. Good luck in Colorado!

John said...

Damn you... I just got done watching the extended version of LOTR "Fellowship of the ring", now I'll have to go and watch "The Two Towers", just to see that scene!

Corvus said...

I once started collecting some LOTR stuff because I wanted a nice army like yours. Never succeeded though. Very nice army, you should be proud of it.

Tim Kulinski said...

@ Jerry, thanks for the warm up game Jerry, now only if I can get 5 guys playing Corsairs, I will be set!

@ John (my Bro) Come on bro, it it really so bad to "have" to watch the Two Towers???

@ Corvus, Oh I am proud of all my LotR stuff. I made the decesion that LotR would be my Fantasy game and I am enjoying that decesion.