Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Well I have been thinking a lot about this 40K Skirmish thing again and my mind drifted back a few years ago when are little group had started a small 40K campaign which was story driven. The intent was to play some 40K in its various forms (large battle, 40K in 40 Min, kill teams) and one of the things we wanted to do was battle reports. Now our little group was more concerned with narrative BR's rather than the more blow by blow sort of reports. We started a blog and we got up to 13 posts before life got in the way or other projects caught our eye.

But yesterday I took a stroll down memory lane and revisited the blog ( ) and found myself getting caught up in the writing that we did years ago. It was interesting because we were playing a lot of different games but all of them were tied to the main campaign in some way or another.

Now I have always been one of those guys that have wanted to do a drawn out campaign. In fact my friends all know I am the first to say, lets do a campaign! (And they still give me crap over a defunct LotR campaign I did!) But with a lot of campaigns they sort of just slowly end because people drop out or life happens. Well our intention for the Eden War campaign was to run a narrative storyline campaign that could be played whenever by whomever. Rob has actually been rather busy working on his forces with his Knights of Eden which he has been featured on his blog, which these came about due to this narrative campaign.

So I think that it is about time we get back to Eden and the struggles that were going on there. I will be posting up more stories in the coming days, enjoy the few that are there now at


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