Monday, June 01, 2009

Necromunda meets 40K


Yesterday I went over to Rob B's house to play a game. I was in the mood for some Necromunda, but Rob wanted to play some 40K. So I packed up my Sisters of Battle and headed south to face off against Rob's custom Space Marines and we had a blast duking it out over his war torn battlefield. (Sorry no pictures were taken)

So why do I mention Necromunda??? Well during the game and after Rob & I got to talking about how we missed Necromunda. Both of us have the first edition of the rules and the last time we played was about 3 years ago. We both have forgotten how to play but reasoned it would be easy to pick back up. Heck I still have a few models to paint up for it & Rob just about has the entire range with a few exceptions.

Then while sitting there in his living room, the thought entered Rob's head that we could play the current edition of 40K as a skirmish game! After all, Rouge Trader started as a skirmish game, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch right? So we started thinking about it. Rob and I loved playing Combat patrols and Kill teams from the 4th edition of the 40K rules, but there was something missing, we just could not put our fingers on it. But with 5th edition it seems like it could work, it would just need some tweaking to the rules.

So looking at it most of the rules would work rather well, Movement, Shooting & Fighting, we would need to look at some sort of Moral rules since the current rules are based on squads rather than individuals. We would also need to work on expanding the wounding rolls, possibly add in something like Flesh wounds or taken out of action from Necromunda. Choosing up battles would be easy, you would just need to choose a point level and purchase your guys or teams. Also adding in some sort of experience table could work much like Necromunda. There may be a few other things, but it should be pretty easy to do.

So Rob & I will be exploring this possibility and the bottom line is for us to play a few games. I will be honest, I have been wanting to do this sort of thing for a while but never got around to doing this. In fact I was so fired up, that I rushed home to dump out my unpainted minis and see what sort of team I could put together.

So stay tuned here as well as on Robs Blog, for more info coming...



Big Jim said...

My friends and I have recently started working on an "advanced" version of 5th ed. We re melding the best parts of 5th with 2nd ed.

So we can have more detail to our games. Like the ability to do cool things like throwing grenades.

I'll be keeping an eye on what you guys are doing. I'll also post up our mods on my blog once we get some things hashed out.

Mike G. said...

You have more projects going on then even me!

ZeroTwentythree said...

I stuck around until part way into 4th ed 40k, but what really made me lose interest was the continued move away from a small futuristic combat game involving smaller numbers of figures to the mass carnage and filling the table with tanks of later editions.

I also have a fondness for Necromunda, though I haven't played for quite some time either.

Your idea sounds like a good one.

cianty said...

Mordheim AnswerMod DaBank and Mordheimer have recently worked on "Death Squads", a "skirmish game based off the priciniples of Mordheim, Necromunda, GorkaMorka, Space Hulk, and Warhammer Quest". Maybe you like to check that out. You can find the guys in the Sci-Fi section of Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum, if you like.


As Cianty said... You will want to check out the rules for Death Squad. you have to sign up for the forums to download a current copy of the "Living Rule Book"... but it is worth it. My brother and I are discussing playing Necromunda or GorkaMorka with the Death Squad Rules. death Squad has expanded on the ideas of Necromunda and allows Space Marines, Eldar, Orks, etc. But you and your buddies could just use the original Necromunda gangs. Let us all know how it goes.