Thursday, October 16, 2008

So whats next???

I guess I am asking that myself, so I thought I would do a small update on what I have coming up.

Well for LotR, besides doing some trade painting for a buddy (Yes Tom that's you!) I will be painting up some orcs for him, about 60 or 70 or so, nothing to large! Also have more dwarfs to paint up as well as a few odds & ends. Terrain wise for LotR, I will be building a few more rock mounds that I have built in the past for our upcoming GT in Feb 09. I also have decided to try my hand at building the Throne from Amon Hen found in the first LotR Journey book, but will be doing it out of plastic. I will also be finishing up my Fangorn/Mirkwood project as well.

On the Legends of the High Seas front, I will be adding pirates to my already huge collection of figures. I will be running a multi-player game at Adepticon 2009 on Friday & Saturday night which will allow 10 players each night to take control of a Crew and look for lost treasure on a cursed island. This means I need to make sure I have 100 painted pirates for the game as well as some of the "Exotic" encounters that players may run across, so I will have to paint up a few of these things as well. Luckily one of the guys in Chicago will be helping out with the terrain, so that's covered, he also volunteered to supply me with a few of his Pirates as well. Depending on how far I get I may take him up on that!

So there you go, that's what I will be up to in the next few months, I will be posting here as I get things done. Also I will be giving you a report on how well the dwarfs did while at the Nov 1st event.

Oh one last thing, I usually don't post anything up very political on this site, but I really need to encourage folks to vote in November. I will not go into who I think you should vote for, that's up to you to decide, but please please please get out there and vote! All I will say is that I am afraid of the supposed "Change" some folks are touting as their campaign platform, their idea of change could change our Capitalist way of life into a socialist way of living, so get out there & vote! Okay political rant off.


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