Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!


First off Happy Halloween, I hope everyone stays safe tonight while they go out & trick or treat. I will be over at a friends house grilling up about 100 hot dogs for all the folks in their neighborhood. Our friends have been doing this for a few years now, but tonight their two sons are playing in a football game and they would have had to stop the tradition, so a few of us volunteered to do this for them, so tonight I will be grillin!

Tomorrow though I will be battling for supremacy in our first "Gathering in the Desert" primer event. Now some of you may known that I was planning on taking the Dwarfs to war. But after about 5 games now with the list I had not pulled out even a minor win. The best I have done with them was a draw against Mikes Urk-Hai, and the only reason it was a tie was due to running out of time. I am pretty sure that Mike would have beat me in that scenario.

So I decided to change up my list and try something new. Now this new list has a total of 27 models in it for 346 points and I have never played it before, so this will make it very interesting. here is a teaser of where the army hails from:

I know this is a cheesy hint, but for some of you Uber Lord of the Rings fans you may know where this is, but I will post up pictures after the event as well as how well the army did.

Lastly, after painting up 3 LotR armies this year (Mikes Urk-Hai, My Easterlings & Dwarfs) as well as a huge Russian army in 28mm for Tom, I am looking for something else to do. I still have a few painting projects left for other people (Toms LotR Orcs & BFG, Mikes Arnica buildings) but I am looking for something different. Enter the Tomb Kings! About a year ago I bought a huge Tomb King Army (About 4000 to 5000 points) from Tom O, he got it off E-bay for only $230.00, and that's what I paid for it from him. Well I had hoped this year to be able to participate in a local challenge that we dubbed "A Tale of a Few Gamers", but I flaked out.

Well after looking for something to do and with talking with my buddy Rob, I decided to bust out the Tomb Kings to give them a try. So I will start assembling 1000 points this Sunday, so wish me luck and I will post a few pictures along the way...


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