Monday, March 10, 2008

Alot going on...

But I have been lazy to take pictures of anything. As posted on a buddies blog, been looking at playing Necromunda again & have dugout the rules & my three gangs that I have painted up (Van Saar, Orlock & a Chaos Cultist group).

Also finished 500 points of Easterlings for Lord of the Rings, painted them in about two weeks which surprised me. Have yet to hit the table with them.

Working on a display board for Legends of the High Seas that I will run at our local game shop on 3/15/08. Plan to take pictures of the game as well as the figures. By the way, LotHS has finally hit the shelves over here in the states and folks are liking what I wrote. It's strange going into some of the shops and seeing the book on the shelves and seeing my name on it. Its kind of surreal! Just this weekend my buddy & I were in one of the local shops and he said I should go up to the front of the store & ask if they would like me to sign some of there copies they had for sale. I didn't do it, but I have thought about buying my own book and slapping down my credit card to pay for it and seeing if the store clerk would recognize my name, but have not done that.

Just saw that some of the authors over at Warhammer Historical have started a blog, I wonder if I will be able to contribute to it?

Well I'll post more later...


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