Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Legends of the High Seas Delayed


It seems that Legends of the High Seas may be delayed until Christmas. Rob Broom at Warhammer Historical is trying his best to get the book out, but he is after all a one man show. So I eagerly await just like everyone else the release of the book.

I also learned that Pete Borlace who did the layout work for the LotOW & LotHS book will be coming to Phoenix. I will be trying to meet up with the man who made my book come alive and make it top notch.

Any how not much been going on, have not felt like painting and with the last two weeks (see previous post) I have not felt like doing much. But we need to press on. Did play some BFG (Battle Fleet Gothic) and have been assembling ships for Mike. In fact I was able to throw some paint on a couple of ships last night. Will try and get pictures up soon.

Oh, I was going to do an update of some pics I took of my 1/48th scale armour I did, but Blogger was acting up and wouldn't upload any pictures. Will try in the next few days.


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